Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 5th-11th!

(5th) I've been awful at keep up on taking pictures so I'll give a run down of day to day activities. We left our kids Monday morning and afternoon and ran to Twin to do all our Christmas shopping. We got everything bought and in good time too:)

(6th) We ended up needing to go to town again the next day too so we took the kids with us and grabbed some lunch @ Arctic Circle on the way home. Bentley LOVED his ice cream cone, to say the least:)
My amazing mother-in-law found a really cool book called 'A Christ-Centered Christmas' By Emily Freeman and has been going through it with us on a few evenings since December started. We've done little devotionals at her house and with every devotional, we read about another person who played a role in the first Christmas. The 2nd chapter was Joseph and had a story that had bells in it. So as a token to go with the story, she gave us bells to put on our doors so every time we heard them, we thought of the story. Well, Bentley makes sure we hear them alot, beings that it's one of his new favorite toys:)
(7th) I had to run to the dentist and while I was in Burley, stopped by Les Schwab and had my wheels looked at because they'd been making noises. Come to find out my barrings were going out and had to be replaced. It only took an hour and I had taken 'Breaking Dawn', the book I was reading, with me. The car got fixed and I got my book finished waiting:) That evening we got to go to our ward Christmas Party and it was really good. The primary sang 'This is the Season' while some of them set the stage up as a nativity as the song went on. Chris sang really good and all the primary pulled it together quite well.
(8th) Chris got to spend an extra day at his dad's house for the weekend we we took him to Pocatello on Thursday night. We stopped in Burley on the way home and picked up a present for the whole family while we were there:)
(9th-11th) Didn't do much for the weekend except stay home and clean up and just spend time inside where it was warm with my awesome family. It was fun to relax because I knew the next week was going to be hecktic:)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

November 28th-4th!

(1st) I've so been slacking on picture taking, but I do have a few. After Chris got home from his dad's after Thanksgiving break, we put up our Christmas tree together!
The kids had fun helping! The were a little mad when I put the dog gate up around the tree, but with young kids, this helps minimize the distruction that occurs between now and Christmas to the tree itself and the presents, once wrapped and put under the tree.

(2nd) The next day, before Chris left for school, he let Peyton in to plug in the tree and grabbed my camera to take a picture, since he LOVES feeling big and being able to take pictures for me.

(3rd) This was the last Boise State game of the regular season at home so Ben took Chris and his parents with him. I got to ride up with them and got to go shopping with the two youngins while they were at the game! We had alot of fun:) We were a little late getting back to them after they were done at the game, so Grandma and Chris peroused Albertson's until we got there.

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 21st- 27th!

(21st) Chris decided he wanted to pass off one of his scout goals and help plan a meal, set the table, and do the dishes afterwards. I was not going to stop him, by any means ;P And if Chris was helping, Peyton was helping too!
Then for family home evening, we decided to make gingerbread cookies. Peyton and I mixed up the dough while Chris finished the dishes.

Then we all used some cookie cutters to cut some cute cookies out.

Add a little frosting and "skinkles" as Peyton would put it, and you have some nice cookies made and decorated with LOVE!

(23rd) We were getting a house ready for a little Thanksgiving company, and when I say little, I mean my mom! And Peyton wanted to help! So she slipped on my shoes and grabbed everything that needed to go to her room and off she........scuffled!

(24th) For Thanksgiving day, we joined my mother-in-laws parents for their meal! Of course, Thanksgiving translates into Football for the male gender so here is Kenny, Ben, and Dayn watching what ever team didn't happen to be on commercial at the time!

My mom used up every chance she got to love on Bentley, since he is such a cuddly little boy! And he didn't mind at all that someone was around that would pick him up on his every whim!

(26th) Happy Birthday Bentley! I can hardly believe that my little guy is one. I remember so vividly his arrival into this world and the 4 LONG days that followed and it doesn't seem possible that it's been a year already! But here we are, celebrating the life of our handsome Bentley boy!

His toys were not wasted either. He has played with and loved each one......starting with the boxes:)

After we accembled the toys, all the kids(minus Chris) enjoyed the heck out of it. It was a big hit:)

Grandma Sony wanted to head home before she was driving in the dark so we all said our good-byes before she left.

Bentley was not happy about the fact that we put the cupcake so far away just to get a picture.

But the fact that we let him eat the cupcake all by himself made up for it:) He enjoyed the heck out of it! Cupcakes have always been a big hit for the first birthday parties. Here's Bentley with his.......

And here's Peyton at her first birthday enjoying her birthday cupcake:) Oh, how alike they are!

He truely liked all of his cupcake! It was licking his fingers and lips for quite a while afterwards!

(27th) Jocelynn's birthday is the day after Bentley's so we got spoiled and got cake 2 days in a row! She turned 6 and I can barely believe she's getting so big. She was only Bentley's age when Ben and I got married and now she's a smart growing girl and we're loving watching her grow!

We purchaced Bentley a new car seat a few days before his birthday and broke it out this evening to the straps adjusted and fit to him before we put it in the car! He thought the box was tons of fun!

Peyton decided to try it out and didn't to much care for it when she sat back and it rolled backwards:) So funny!

November 14th- 20th!

If you read my previous posts, I have had scheduled to have my wisdom teeth out. Well, the time finally came. My mom came up from Bear Lake to help out with my kids so I could take it easy. She was only able to stay for a day due to a fire the caught her kitchen on fire back in Bear Lake, but it was nice to have her help while I did. My mother-in-law was awesome to step in and help as well.(15th) Right after my wisdom teeth were taken out. Did you know that if your entire mouth is numb, you don't get brain freezes from eating ice cream too fast? Well, I found that out:)
(16th) I swelled up pretty good, but only on the one side that had a wisdom tooth on the bottom. No attractive way to take a picture when you look like that so a picture of just my mouth was all I was comfortable with:) All is healed not and I'm eating all my favorite foods again. We took the kids to Puss and Boots a few days after my surgery and to have to smell popcorn and not be able to eat it is a new kind of tourture!

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 7th-13th!

(7th) Peyton got a treat at the store the other day and it was a baby bottle sucker with sour powder. Well, the powder some how got spilled all over the floor. Instead of coming to tell me, Peyton decided she was gonna clean it up by herself. So she got her toy vacuum and did her best to clean it up. Of course, it didn't work so I got the real vacuum out and she got to clean it herself with the real vacuum, but her solo helpfulness was too cute to pass up a picture of.

(9th) I turned some music on our computer and the kids and I danced around the kitchen. Here is Chris and Peyton dancing, until Chris's arms got tired.

And here is Bentley and I dancing. He is such a natural cuddler, I love it. He snuggles right into your neck and shoulder and make you feel like the most important person in the world.

(10th) Peyton has become very interested in me feeding Bentley baby food. So she takes her Violet puppy and plays baby with her. She feeds her and shows her how to sit in the bumbo. She is such a good big sister and will be an amazing mother some the distant distant future!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 1st-6th!

Okay, okay, so I've been a slacker this week! In my defence, Bentley and Peyton have both been running fevers so nothing much going on except thermometers, tylonal, and motrin! (3rd) On October 29th, 2011, the world lost one of the most wonderful women to her battle with cancer and leukemia. Ben's grandma Roseborough was such a sweet lady and she was always postitive. Heaven knows those type of people are hard to find. Ann, Michelle, Hailie, Kristie, and I were allowed to go over and do her hair for the funeral. Okay, so Hailie and Kristie did her hair, but it was such a special time to see her so peaceful and to just remember her for the amazing person she was.
(She is the one in the middle, about 18 yrs old) (4th)We were able to attend her funeral on Friday. It was a very nice funeral and many heart warming things were said in her behalf. She will be truely missed.

(6th) The weekend held higher spirited events! We got to go to Rexburg for Rob & Michelle's adorable baby, Paxon to be blessed! Everyone was there, except for Chris. It was so nice to get the family together and visit and love on their handsome baby boy!

They are such a cute couple and Paxon is simply a perfect baby. He did so good with all the attention. It was so nice to see them so happy!

Halloween 2011!

Our pumpkin turned out alright, I think! I let Chris do a little bit, but I wanted to make sure he didn't cut off his fingers too;P Wow, it was a thick pumpkin too!
Chris was Optimus Prime for Halloween! He had a school program where they danced and sang to "One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eaters" "Ghostbusters" and "Monster Mash"! Chris had been dancing these dances around the house for weeks earlier, but it was so fun to go watch the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders all do it:)

Peyton was Minnie Mouse! If you've read my earlier blogs, you know that she's become addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so what better person for her to be for Halloween then one of her favorite charactors! She looked super cute, I think:)

And Bentley was Tigger! What a handsome little tiger he turned out to be! And as we were trunk-or-treating, he found himself a bag of hot tamales and was just fine to be carried around and get more candy. But oh heavens, don't try to take the hot tamales and put them back in his bucket! He'll show you real TIGER!!!!

It was a fun Halloween! Ben was driving truck for harvest and had to miss out on all the fun, but thanks to this bloggers photography, he at least got to see them:) And as is appropriate for the holiday (and Peyton's new favorite song from MMCH) It's Pete's (Peyton's) party! BOO! BOO!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oct 24th-30th!

(25th) The braids finally needed to come out! She didn't really want them to, but I talked her right into it by telling her I'd let her play in the bathtub! She's a sucker for a splash in the tub! But boy was the 'fro' crazy until the splish splash!
(26th) I was cleaning up my front room (which I seem to be doing CONSTANTLY with two little ones!) and I look over to see that Bentley and Peyton have pulled down the pillows off the dvd cupboards where I had just put them and were wrestling on them, both just a giggling away! How do you get mad at that?!

(27th) My MIL gave us some home-made sugar cookies and they were to DIE for! So I got the recipe from her and made some too. I didn't make them quite a good as hers because I rolled my dough to thin, but I thought there turned out for my first try ever at sugar cookies. I probably ate half of them, they were so good.

And to be "Halloween Festive" I even frosted them slime green!

(29th) Hailie and Derek came down for the weekend and we went over and carved pumpkins! Chris had to pick the biggest one and because he couldn't carry it, he rolled it across the whole yard. Hailie got a new camera and was kind enough to share the pictures she took with me. The rest of this blog post is due to her expert photography!

Chris and Peyton has so much fun playing on the giant pumpkin!

She wasn't as sure once she was on it by herself(eye-seff as she would say it)!

One we cut the top off, way Chris went to gut it. Peyton liked to grab the guts out of the garbage and squish it in her hands!

Which Chris didn't mind doing either!

We scrapped it the rest of the way clean with our handy dandy carving kit tool and she was ready to go!

So Chris pinned the paper with the design he wanted on it and we traced it out.

Bentley had a ball with everyone down at his level!

Peyton got bored with it after a while and decided to play dress up with Grandpa. He's such a good sport!

She apparently thought it was a bonnet! Oh well, she had fun anyways. Then we had to go home so the actual carving of the pumpkin got postponed until Halloween!