Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Elf on a Shelf!

This year our family ventured into the world of Elf on a Shelf!  We read the book on the first night, explaining what the elf was there for and it said to give him a name.  Chris wanted to name him Fred!  Peyton wanted Doodle.  So we compromised and named him Froodle!  My kids thought he was so fun!  He was silly and nice and tricky and fun!  We were glad to have him!  He's spend each day in one of the kids stockings, sitting by watching, when he'd get back from the North Pole that night, he'd hide so the kids could find him, then the next day, after they'd seen where he was hiding, it was on to the next kids stocking!
 Night 1: He wanted them to watch the Polar Express so he made "tracks" from the dvd rack, to the dvd player so they knew to watch the movie:)
 Night 2: He hung our Christmas window sticky's up for us!
 Night 3: Toilet papered the Christmas tree.

 Night 4: Reading stories to the kids toys:)

 Night 5: Snowball (marshmallow) fight!
 Night 6: He got stuck in the cheeto puff balls container.
 Night 7: Zip lining through the front room on a candy cane!

 Night 8: Dancing/hugging/kissing (depending on which kid you asked) with the angel.
 Night 9: Sneaking some cookies and drinking all the milk.
 Night 10: Watching the pictures run through the computer screen saver.
 Night 11: Bungee jumping from the ceiling fan from a licorice rope.
 Night 12: Candy cane fishing for cracker goldfish in the bathroom sink.
 Night 13: Jamming to some Christmas toons!
 Night 14: Acrobatics from Charly's floor mat on the ceiling fan.
 Night 15: Bringing the nice kids candy canes.
 Night 16: Trying to fit in the ginger bread house :(
 Night 17: Using the coat hooks as monkey bars.
 Night 18: Froodle is a Boise state fan:)
 Day 19: Bubble (marshmallow) bath!
 Day 20: Froodle was nice enough to wrap all our presents for us!
This was his final act as our elf for this year!  We had fun while he was here and look forward to having him back again next year.

Hailie's Baby Shower!

Hailie is due the beginning of March and wasn't gonna get another chance to come home to Murtaugh before Baby Boy Scott arrives so we threw a small baby shower for her while she was down over Christmas Vacation!  She is such an adorable pregnant lady....and is going to make an AMAZING mom!
 A few ladies from the ward made it out for the shower and we had so much fun!

 Grandma and grandpa Merrill made it over for it with Aunt Sherl's!

We had a little yogurt bar and yummy treats!  It was such a nice get together.  We are so excited for this sweet little miracle to join our family!

December 2012!

December is a busy time! Christmas shopping, school programs, excited kids, snow, anniversary dates, and all that includes LOVING this season:)  Here are some pictures of our goings on...

 FHE: Pizza at Grannie Annie's and Grandpa Dayn's house:)

 School Christmas program!

 Random 12 days of Christmas presents from Grandpa Dayn and Grannie Annie!

 Snowmen building.....12 hours before ALL the snow melted.
 Charly's first attempt at rice cereal.
 Saying good-bye to dear friends who are moving on to Portland for a new adventure:'(

 More random 12 days of Christmas from G&G Roseborough!

 Christmas Eve!
 Singing Christmas songs around the piano!  So grateful I have amazing family close to share these times with.
 Christmas Eve jammies!

 Peyton's Santa loot!
 Charly's Santa loot!
 Chris's Santa loot!
 Bentley's Santa loot!
 Christmas 2012 tree!
 Christmas morning!

 Day after Christmas, but Chris's Christmas with us!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!