Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 18th-April 24th!

Busy week so please bare with me. Monday, April 18th, my friend Katie and her little girl Paige came to stay with us. They had a funeral the next day in a town down the road from here so they stayed with us and visited. Here is Peyton and Paige playing. They weren't too sure how much they liked each other at first.
By the next day(19th), they were good friends! Getting into mischief together:) Here is their hug good-bye!

On Wednesday(20th) we went to Murtaugh. Chris went to his dad's house for his spring/Easter break. Here is Bentley and Isabelle. They are starting to look so much alike, it's crazy!

(21st)Here is what Peyton did every chance she got! Played in Grannie Annie's sink. She washed dishes, painted her nails with water and a paint brush, drank water, poured it over her head, washed her hands with soap.....she had a blast!

(22nd)This is Peyton's breakfast set up! She loves being at Grandma & Grandpa's and getting out of her routine!

Friday afternoon, Kristie's mom, sister, and aunt came down from Mud Lake to make homemade peanut butter Easter egg's. You can see poor Kierstley's case, but she didn't let it stop her from joining in on the fun:)

Here is Peyton brushing Bentley's hair while he played in Isabelle's sauser/entertainment center:)

Here is Peyton and Jocelynn decorating their eggs:)

Here is Peyton eating the decorations for the eggs;)

Here is Bentley getting his first taste of baby rice cereal. He wasn't real sure what he thought, but what baby does on their first try.

Here is Peyton, me, Kenny, and Keirstley getting ready for Murtaugh's Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning(23rd).

Here's is Keirstley, Jocelynn, and Peyton in front of the Easter Bunny mural after the egg hunt.

We fly kites every year for Easter. Here is the only kite that actually got up in the air! It's Peyton's, but she lost interest pretty quick so mom took over:)

Here is Ben, running with the big kite, trying to get the wind to pick it up!

Here are the girls lined up to start the home Easter egg hunt!

And GO! Peyton was having so much fun finding the eggs! Jocelynn and Keirstley were doing so well to leave some behind for her to find!

While she was hunting the eggs, daddy got her kite in the air so she dropped her basket and tried to get the kite out of the air:) Funny girl!

Here is cousin Kelby with the two "twins"!

Sunday(24th), Easter morning, the Easter bunny came! There was a little rabbit eating grass in the front yard.

Here is Peyton, Grandma, Keirstley, and Jocelynn playing Harry Potter Sunday afternoon! We had such a great time visiting family in Idaho! Hope to do it again real soon;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 11th-17th!

I know this post is alot of pictures so I will only give a little discription as I go along.Peyton and Bentley, Monday, the 11th.
My way of keeping the kids entertained while I clean house for everyone to come, 12th.

I made cookies for the weekend and told Peyton to wait until after dinner, I turned around, and this is what I found! 13th.

Thursday night, the 14th, while waiting for Tia and Voi to get here! Not very clear, but my Bentley's sure a mover these days:)

Voi's little boy, Ashton, playing in the kids entertainment center while we cooked dinner Friday night, the 15th.

Tia, Peyton, and Ben out looking for the golf balls the hit!

Voi cooking us dutch over parmasean chicken and potatoes and cobbler.

Making Ben's home-made ice cream to go with the cobbler dessert.

First thing Saturday monring, 16th, KC, Wyatt, and Chris stayed quite entertained with their ds's. If they weren't outside digging wholes, they were inside trying to pass the ds games.

Tia asked me to do her hair to keep it out of her face and so she could trying out how she'd look with a flower in her hair. I thought it turned out really cute, but she said it wasn't her!

Grandma playing with Bentley Saturday night after her and Jaycee showed up.

Sunday, the, 17th, morning, all the kids woke up and ate cereal for breakfast, while the adults had potato/eggs/bacon dutchoven skillets! YUM!

Pardon the small pictures. Here's the beginning of the kids Easter Scavenger Hunt! The clue was:

______ are red
Violets are blue
Flowers are pretty

And so are you!

Answer: Rose Garden

Next clue:

For a good time

Kids like to play

Out back on this set

All the live long day

Answer: Swing set

Next clue:

Bills and letters
Are put in this
And the bus comes here

To pick up Chris

Answer: Mail box

Next clue:

Hamburgers, hot dogs,
Steak, chicken, pork
You check if they're done

With a knife and fork

This was too funny! This is Ben and Voi running to the next clue with their kids flug over their shoulders, racing! Chris and Wyatt tried to keep up.

Answer: Bar-B-Que

Next clue:

Carrots, pumpkins,
Beans and corn
When pulling weeds

Gloves should be worn

Answer: Garden

Next clue:

Bark, twig,
Branch, sliver
If you climb too high

Looking down might make ya quiver

Answer: Tree

Final clue:

Of this thing,
We have three
Be careful not to step
In the poop or pee!

Answer: Dog kennel

Where we had their final prizes waiting!

Then we did an Easter Egg hunt! The kids had fun collecting all the eggs:)

Then my mom rehid the empty eggs harder so the adults could come Easter egg hunt too!

Ben's so proud:)

Good hiding spot! Up in the hitch of the utility trailer! It was a great weekend, full of good food, great company, and lots of fun!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 9th-10th!

It snowed all weekend, but it never got real cold so the snow would melt off pretty quick. Well, melted snow leaves behind pretty good puddles! Ben and Peyton walked to the mail box to get the mail and so Peyton could stretch her legs. She loved the puddles! She would stop and play, Ben would walk off without her, and she'd have this torn look on her face on whether she should go with him or stay with her puddle. So she'd start running after him and see another puddle and run through it on her way to him. It was quite funny!
The kitty has decided that the window in our kitchen is her resting spot. Peyton has decided it's very interesting to sit and watch the kitty rest. What a great pair:)
Bentley is getting big enough to be a bit entertained by what's above him so we thought we'd get Peyton's old mat/arch system out for him to play with. I know, poor kids surrounded by pink. Well, Peyton was more interested in it then him so this is how they ended up playing for the Sunday afternoon. He watch her and she played:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 4th-8th!

Monday, April 4th, Tara and her kids were still here until around noon! Peyton loved having kids to play with. Chris had to go to school that morning, but he had a chance to hang out with them a little before I took him.

April 5th, Bentley is getting so big! He's smiley most of the time. And he's getting stronger and stronger.
Here's a picture of Peyton at about the same age, doing about the same pose! I love the comparisons:)
April 6th, Peyton and Chris hanging out outside, playing with the bubbles Peyton got for her birthday:)
April 7th, Peyton wants to be just like her daddy! She took his remote and her juice and was just chilling, watching the basketball game.
April 8th, Peyton found my old dance shoes and decided to trapes around the house in them. She's a funny girl!