Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ink pad!

Thank heavens for baby wipes! I was doing some scrapbooking last night after my beautiful daughter when to bed because you know how 6 month olders can be with getting into stuff. Well, I put everything together when I was finished. And this morning, I thought to myself, "There's no way she could get my Stampin Up ink pads open so there's no reason she can't play on the floor." Well, like all mothers know, quiet is never a good sign so I checked on her, and this is what I found......
She found a little tiny(1"X1") ink pad that I've never used that came with a little stamp set I bought. I had completely forgotten that it was there. Well, she found it.
So into the tub she goes. Little did I put together, water makes the ink go further So she proceeded to smear the now wet again ink all over me, her, and the tub. So I called the first person I could think of that might know how to get it off, my sister, Tara. Who failed to answer her phone when I really needed her. So I called a friend of mine that I sometimes scrapbook with. We decided to try wipies. Thank havens for this particular invention. Then are great for almost everything. It worked. So I drained the tub and wiped Peyton down with wipies. And I ever seen a ring-around-the-tub like this.
Life is never boring with children! What would I do without my kids. She is fine! Fact is, she got quite mad at me when I took the ink pad away. She has no perminant damage, but I'm will be sure to scrapbook it so she will be able to look back on it and I know I will never forget it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Halloween is coming early this year at our house. Chris will be at his dad's house this year for Halloween so we are trying to get everything in that we do for Halloween in before he leaves. Namely pumpkin carving! We have a large spot set out in our yard that the previous owners used for a beautiful garden....well, I don't have a green thumb and my husband doesn't like vegitables so what else do you grow in a garden....PUMPKINS! So that's what we did. And we ended up with probably 20 pumpkins. Awesome because they are fun to carve, and quite spendy if you have to buy them to carve.
Peyton got to sit by and watch as we all dived in up to our elbows in pumpkin guts! What fun. We have a book with pattern ideas and tools we use to carve with.
Ben chose the 'AI face'. He says he messed up, but I can't see where.
I chose the spiders web and spider! I thought it turned out quite well!
And Chris chose the pirates cross bones. He did the carving all by himself! He felt bad that the teeth didn't turn out, but Ben helped him feel better by explain that pirates don't go to dentist so there teeth are rotten and probably look like that anyways.
We had a blast. It is a mess past time, but the memories that are made are priceless. And it's always fun to look back at how the kids grow. Last year, we got pumpins, but Chris couldn't really help, now he's doing it all by himself. Time flies when your having fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Peyton's 6 months old!

I can't believe my little girl is already 6 months old. It doesn't seem possible. But oh, what a great 6 months it has been! She is the most wonderful baby and I couldn't have ask for a better behaved one. She is beautiful, when she smiles, or puckers to cry, or even scowels, she is amazingly gorgeous. Here a just a few picture of the fun she's brought to our lives. She loves oreo's! And when she's tired of eating it, she loves to smear it all over my blinds.

I've started walking with my next door neighbor who has a daughter that is 4 months younger then Peyton. We take our strollers and walk-n-talk. Peyton gets all bundled up to go and loves it!

She get's to go to the BYU games with us because 1st; I am her meals, 2nd; she's too young to need a ticket; and 3rd, she loves the outside. The noise doesn't seem to bother her at all. She's gong to be a great Cougar fan!

She plays and plays and plays til she litterally can't play anymore. She has this little mat that has toys going over the top of it. She had been playing all morning, then all the sudden was quiet. And this is what I found.....10 minutes before she was due to eat. She is so precious.

Peyton makes a great pumpkin comparison. We wanted to be able to compare our pumkin to to show how big it had gotten. What better then Miss Pretty Princess Pey Pey! Such fun.
I am so very blessed! I have an amazing husband and 2 wonderful children. I have the gospel in my life to guide me and show me the way in life and as a parent. I have a family that is behind me in everything I do and loves me unconditionally. I live in a wonderful community. I don't know that I could ask for more.