Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Quite a few years ago, Tara married my brother-in-law Matt. His mom invited all us kids out for an Easter Scavenger hunt. We all loved it so much that we adopted the tradition, when we are together for Easter. This first pictures it all the loot before they got placed in the designated hunt location.
This was the gang just before I read the first clue to get everyone started.
First clue was:
1- _____1_____, shoulders, knees and toes

When the lawn gets thirsty
and you open this ______2______
You can make water flow
At any chosen rate
_____1_____ _____2_____
Answer: Head gate
Cody had the next clue on his bag, so he read
2- For a good time
Kids like to play
Out back on this set
All the live long day
Answer: Swing set
Jaycee had the next clue and we made the bags with the clues hidden better then the other bags. The other bags were all sitting on top of the slide, but Jaycee's wasn't so easily found. This picture was the first time she looked under the swing for the clue.......
Here is the second time she felt under the swing for the clue.....
And third times a charm because she FINALLY felt well enough to find it.
3- "Nurn nurn" Chris would say
When he was just three
As for Aunt Kelly
She'd just say "WEEEEE"
Answer: Motorcycle
All of the bags were hidden in the saddle bags except for Britnee's.
The next clue was on Britnee's bag and she finally found where we'd hidden it.
4- Hanburgers, hot dogs,
Steak, checken, pork
You check if they're done
With a knife and fork
Answer: Bar-B-Que
All the bags were hidden in the main cooking section except Brooklyn's.
Luckily Bart helped us hide all the bags so he helped her find it.
5- Bills, bills, bills
Seems like all we get
But if the red flag's up
Helps us stay out of debt
Answer: Mail box
There really wasn't any special place to hide the clue bag. We'd put it on Jaycee's bag, but had Tara read it.
6- If you ate this
You'd say "oh, yuck"
But it's eaten greedily
By Scoop, Annie, and Duck
Answer: Hay
(Scoop, Annie, and Duck are my mom's and Tara's horses)
All the sacks were hidden deep in the wholes of the hay, but the clue ended up on Peyton's bag. Ben didn't want to read it so I did.
7-Ben's new favorite lawn toy
resides in here
Protected day and night
With the guard dogs so near
They were hidden very well and it took the kids a while to find them, but Britnee caught on to where I was sitting ready to take pictures and went from there.
All in all, we had a great weekend. Much family was missed and more memories could have been made, but we had the fun we could.
This was the whole crew(minus Ben for work and mom for taking the picture) that came for the weekend.
Every space for beds were used up and thank heavens for paper plates and plastic cups, but it was a super fun weekend and we enjoyed remembering the Savior and spending time together.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peyton's 1st Birthday!

My little princess turned one last Saturday(4.3). It just so happened to be the weekend Tara, Matt, and their kids were on spring break. So I planned a big party for Saturday afternoon for Peyton. It turned out so well. All that came were Ben, me, Peyton, Rusty, Sonja, Ann, Dayn, Tara, Matt, Jaycee, Britnee, Cody, Kyle, Jaimie, Casey, Kambry, Brynlee, Bryor, Broze, and Bristee. A great turn out.
As I uploaded the pictures, they didn't go on the way I wanted them to so pardon the mayham.Peyton and her birthday cupcake! These are some of the funnest pictures of them on their first birthdays. Noone's ever enjoyed cake so much;)
She wasn't quite sure what to do with the candles. She didn't try to touch the flame though so that's good. But how big she's getting still amazes me.

Grandpa Rusty wanted Peyton's to make her "mad cow face" so he was trying to show her the example. I'm sure kids just laugh at the stuff they can get us to do.
She enjoyed the heck out of that cupcake! And that face is priceless.
Peyton and Bristee are bound to be the best of friends. Bristee always had the cutest hair things and Peyton thinks they're great toys.
This frog is a toy that goes over the fosset in the bathtub. So this isn't quite what it's meant for, but like father like daughter;)
Brintee, Bristee, Brinlee, and Peyton playing with Pey Pey's birthday presents.
This was Peyton's loot. She had a great birthday party and will never doubt whether she's loved or not. I'm so suprised at how fast she's growing, but I'm loving every day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pre-Easter Weekend!

The weekend March 25th-29th, Ben was able to get some time off and we got to go and spend some much needed time off at his parents house. The first thing on the agenda was to have lunch at Tse's Chinese restraunt in Twin Falls. Ben loves the place and misses it very much.

Next was hair salon in the kitchen. Through the weekend, Hailie cut Kristie's, Ben's, Ann's, and Dayn's hair. Also colored Ann's hair and gave Ben and Dayn scalp massages. All the family had a great time with cute Princess Pey Pey. She absolutely loves anyone who will hold her so she loved all the attention.

Chris and Jocelynn got to color Easter Egg's Saturday, 27th. It was so fun to watch the excitement they had to do this fun tradition. And not to much was spilt on Grannie Annie's counter so that's good

Kierstley loves her mom. And her mom takes every chance to relax that she can get.
Aunt Hailie was rocking Peyton to get her to nap and Peyton did the better job. Hailie fell right to sleep and Peyton layed and enjoyed watching the goings on in the kitchen.

Saturday afternoon, Rob and Michelle made it from Rexburg. And enjoyed playing with Peyton.

Then it was time for the kids Easter Egg Hunt:) It was so much fun to watch the older kids try to find the harder eggs, give up and run to get the easier ones.

Peyton didn't quite understand the concept. She liked one egg. Didn't care about the rest of them. And she didn't like the grass at all.

Chris was definatly loving that the eggs weren't hidden very hard, makes it easier to gather alot at a time

Jocelynn and Chris both went for the same egg....what the picture doesn't show was both of them let the other one have it and they both ended up dropping it. Sharing wasn't a problem that afternoon because there was plenty of eggs to gather.

After all the eggs were gathered, knowing that Peyton wouldn't need all the eggs he gathered for her, he started dropping them on the grass so Kierstley would run up thinking she was getting so lucky to find another one.

After all was said and done, everyone got alot of eggs and had alot of fun.

I am so glad that I was blessed with such a great family of in-laws. My kids a loved unconditionally and have cousin they love to spend time with. More posts to come......birthday.....and real Easter!