Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 19th-25th!

(20th) My two youngest kiddos newest past time is playing in Peyton's room! She has a tone of toys and stuffed animals and blanket and pillows in her room to keep them occupied for hours. It only when it get's really quiet that I have to worry that they've lost intersted in the toys and have ventured into the bathroom! Ah, the joys of motherhood.
(21st) Poor Bentley is working on cutting a tooth. I've know it was coming for a while ;), but he's finally getting to the point that he wants some relief. Solution: popcicle, or as Peyton would put it, ice pop!

(22nd) I'm sure the number of nice days left are numbered so my kids are enjoying what's left of them! Chris is blowing bubble for the other two, who are both enjoying the attention from their big brother:)

(23rd) After school on Friday, Kristie called to see if my kids wanted to join her kids for a water balloon fight, while the weather is still nice. They had alot of fun and we couldn't fill the balloons fast enough. When all the balloons were gone, they resorted to dumping the bucket of water on Chris's head.

And as you can tell, he didn't mind at all being the center of attention!

(24th) Busy day. First thing Satruday morning, Chris had a soccer game in Valley. The wind was blowing which made it quite chilly.

Which didn't slow Chris down at all:) They did well and even won their game.

Then we watched Jocelynn's game which was after Chris's then headed off to Burley's Storybook park for a picnic. As soon as we were done there and could get home, Ben and Chris headed off for Boise State game.

We were lucky enough to have snagged ourselves 4 season tickets to the Boise State Broncos Football games! Chris was so excited for his first ever BSU game. Ben and Chris met Kyle and his friend there for Kyle's birthday:) They won, of course. And Chris was so tuckered he didn't even make it out of Boise before fell asleep. Good day, good memories!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 12th-18th!

(12th) Watch out extreme couponers, here I come! Ben and I have recently become addicted to a tv show called "Criminal Minds". So we looked on A& how much all 6 released seasons would cost us. Well, the 6 pack is out for $250. So he tries and finds it for $218. So we went into Best Buy in Twin to buy it. Well, they don't have the 6 pack yet. So as we're walking out, we found a display with all of the season sold seperatly. Well, hot dog, they're on sale too. Season 1-4 are $15/each, season 5 is $20, and newly released season 6 is $45. Tax included it came to somewhere close to $132! But Best Buy had a deal that if you spend $100, they'll give you a $25 gift card. So after all was said and done, we spent $107 on a $250 6 pack! Go us:)
We also had a cow processed so we had meat for the summer. We have 2 freezers this size FULL of meat. We'll be eat good this year:)

(17th) We took the weekend off and went to Bear Lake. It was Chris's weekend with his dad so we drove him down, stayed, and drove home Sunday. Peyton and I got to go down with my mom to my Grandpa Jr for breakfast and a visit.

Peyton found my Grandma Ada's dog "Laska" that she got from Alaska. She thought she was pretty cool carrying around the "goggy"!

Soon she moved on to the upstairs where there were plenty of dolls for her to play with! Ironically enough, they were the same exact dolls I played with when I was her age, in the same room that has the same bed, bedding, and furnature in it:)

That afternoon, Ben went to do some "honey do's" with Matt. We played at my mom's cabin until they got back.

Then we went swimming at Bear Lake West! It wasn't extremely warm outside, but it was warm water and we had fun.

Bentley even enjoyed it. That is until it was past his nap time. That was when we threw in the towel and headed back to the cabin.

(18th) Sunday after church and lunch, Grandma Sony and Peyton relaxed on the hammick and enjoyed the warm summer air and the beautiful view

Soon we got Chris back and he got to hang out for a bit before we had to head home. He wanted to stay longer, but we needed to get on the road. We had a great time and sure hope to go back for another weekend real soon:)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 5th-11th!

(5th) This is the feild right behind our house! And those would be the antelope that have been calling the field "home" for that last little while. And once in a while, they come out closer to the road and the rest of the town and come by and partake of the joys of living in the country:)
(6th) Our chimney needed to be cleaned so our landlord set it up for this afternoon.

This was quite the process for my kids to watch.

Our dogs thought it was pretty funny to watch the puffs of dust come up the chimney.

(9th) Peyton decided to make her own "duce" and keeping it clean she got out the cutting board to spill on.

(10th) Bentley has figured out the "mad cow face" that both my kids have done at around this age:) It's so funny to watch my kids all interact to get him to do this face too.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

August 29th-September 4th!

(29th) Chris's first day of 3rd grade and his first day of school in Murtaugh.
That night, to celabrate Ann & Ben's birthday, we grabbed some pizza and chicken and had a picnic @ Storybook park! The kids had a blast playing on the toys and the adults enjoyed not having to cook and the yummy strawberry shortcake we had for dessert

Kenny didn't get to join us for our birthday outting because he'd gone to Washington, but it was sure fun for all the kids to get together and play.

Here is Ben so happy to be turning 27! You can see the excitment in his smile:)

And here is Ann, 29 and holding! Loving life and being a grandma!

(2nd) Peyton, Bentley, and I have all 3 been fighting a cold for about a week. To top that off, Peyton got an ear infections. Being a Saturday on a holiday weekend, we had to take her to the ER. The checked and indeed she did have an ear infection. So they gave us a perscription for antibiotics and ear drops to help with the pain. Our poor little girl was miserable for a few days, but she bounced right back.