Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 20th-26th!

(21st) Chris's baptism was quickly approaching and we were running out of time to get the quilt done before the big day. So Ann and I spent many many hours next to the quilt. Peyton and Bentley played in the "fort" (under the quilt) and they thought it was fun for just a short time, but once they'd spent 3 or 4 days next to or by the quilt, they sure were ready for us to be done.

(25th) Grandpa Dayn and daddy were out in the garden putting the soaker hoses in the garden so Peyton and Bentley went to watch. When I asked Peyton if I could take a picture, she decided she needed to hold Bentley for it and he didn't much care for that.

That day was also the Merrill Family Reunion @ Minidoka dam. Ben played the big kid and played water balloons with all the kids.

Here is Kenny and Ben getting ready to help the kids pick up the candy from the candy cannon.

(21st) Grannie Annie got the granddaughter's all new shirts. They were so cute, she just couldn't pass them up. Same shirt, different colors:) Peyton sure has loved her's and loves Grannie Annie for giving it to her!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 13th-19th!

Out of order, again. (13th) Peyton has become Grannie Annie's little helper. Though I'm not sure how much help she was. I'm sure she was a little bit of a hindrance, but made up for it in being good company.

They planted flowers all over the yard and Peyton would get tired to she'd ride in the stroller with the flowers to plant in the shade hood.

(14th) We got home from town late this night and I put Bentley on the chair while we put groceries away. Peyton sat right in front of him and he started kicking her off the chair. She started squealing and didn't think it was near as funny as Ben and I did. Ahh, sibling rivalry!

(16th) Chris is spending the summer @ his dad's in Bear Lake and was old enough for coach pitch. We were able to make it down to watch one of his games. Kristie was in Mud Lake visiting her parents so Kenny was available to ride with us so we could picked up our VW from my mom's. Tia had been borrowing it and had left it in BL when she picked up my dad's Tahoe. On the way through to the game, we picked up Jaycee, Britnee, and Cody to come to the game too. Tara came over a little while after us. It was cooler then expected so I was unfortunately unprepared with no jacket for Peyton. So I sacrificed mine and I sat in the car and watched.

He is getting pretty dang good at baseball. I love that he's found something that he enjoys and is good at:)

(19th) Father's day. I had done Peyton's hair in a cute pony tail the day before and didn't take it out when she went to bed. Well, this was how it ended up the next morning. I thought it was pretty cute that her hair made a <3 heart<3 right by Ben on Father's day so I couldn't pass up the photo op!

Here is Peyton helping Ben open the gift we got him for Father's day. Oh, the joys of being a parent!

Here is Kenny, Ben, and Cody watching @ Chris's coach pitch game. Told you, way out of order.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 7th-June 12th!

The pictures are out of order, sorry. (9th) While staying at my in-laws, I have had to opportunity to help Ann with all her fun projects. She had already started Chris's baptism quilt before we moved in so I just stepped in and helped where I could.

(11th) Bentley is getting so big! He is learning so much and sure is Mr. Smiley, most of the time! He is 7 months in this picture!

(9th)Kenny & Kristie's daughter was in t-ball this year and we were able to make it to most of her games. She did pretty well for her first year. Hailie's husband, Derek, was taking a motorcycle class all weekend so she came up for a visit and was able to come to a game with us.

(12th) Ann is getting new glasses and wanted everyone's opinion on them to make sure she got the one's that worked the best. She looked beautiful in the all, but these were the one's she decided on.

(7th) Kierstley and Peyton wanted to play ball at the t-ball games too, so this is Kenny keeping them occupied so that they weren't on the field!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chris is 8!

My Christopher Brett is 8! Still hard to believe:) He is getting so big so fast. But I'm enjoying watching the young man he is becoming. He is starting to become more responsible and learning more and more of life's lessons! This year, we happen to be living at my in-laws while we looked for a house to rent. So when Grannie Annie asked Chris what kind of cake he wanted, he told her he didn't want cake, he wanted cherry pie! Well, she aims to please and baked up 4 cherry pies.

Chris's present from us was a small swim/slide pool. He has had some fun with it and we get it out every chance we can while he's here.

Along with being 8, Chris also had the choice on whether he wanted to be baptized or not. He decided that he did, which I am so proud of him for. He really does enjoy church. He is such a smart kid. I admire his knowledge and his decision to make the right choices. I love you Chris!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 30th-June 5th!

I will apoligize for the sideways pictures. I am not on my normal computer and that throws everything all off. (30th) This was the day before the big move. Here is how we contained Peyton and Bentley for a few minutes until we could get the Bowflex out of the house.
Kyle and Ben worked really hard to get the Bowflex out of the house without taking it ALL the way apart. It was a struggle, but they did it.

That night, Ann and Dayn made it down to help us clean the house. Ann tackled the huge feat of the kitchen! Bless her heart.

Dayn did the windows and blinds. I have such amazing in-laws to come and help us move:)

(31st) MOVING DAY! We got up super early to get everything done so we could get on the road for Idaho! Here is the last picture of the house before we pulled out for the last time. Dayn drove the U-haul, Ben drove our Suburban with our utility trailer, Ann drove their Suburban, and I drove Ben's work Trailblazer.

(1st) We kinda took it easy and relaxed a bit. We unloaded the U-haul into Ann & Dayn's shop so we didn't have to rent a storage unit. Then Kenny & Kristie came over for dinner.

(2nd) Kristie had to take their car into town to get a chip taken care of in their windshield so we got to have the girls over to play. We played games and puzzles and had a ball. It's so fun living closer so our kids and their cousins can play together! That evening, we got to go down town in Murtaugh and watch Jocelynn's 1st t-ball game:) It was a bit windy and cool, but fun to watch!

(3rd) Friday morning I caught Peyton "helping" Bentley put cortizone 10 on his eczema spot on his head! Such a sweet girl! Then the kids and Ann and I drove to Pocatello to get Chris for the weekend.

(4th) We hung out at home Saturday morning until the "dads" could get done with work. Then that evening, we went to Burley to Storybook Park and let the kids play! I completely forgot my camera and hated myself for it. It was so fun. I am loving living close to family.

(5th) Church here right now doesn't start until 3 pm so we had that morning to cebrate Chris's birthday a little bit. His birthday is the 6th, but we had to take him back to his dad that day so we wanted him to get to choose his "birthday dinner" so we did it the day before:) He chose to have cherry pie instead of cake and he loved it! He got a mini-water fun park for the yard, a soccer ball, 2 base balls, and a new bat.