Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small update!

The Christmas season is upon us and with as much as we've had going on lately, it's been going by way to fast. I'm trying really hard to remember to make the season fun and memorable for my kids. As part of that, we got the tree out while Grannie Annie was here helping with Bentley so we could share the joy with as many people as possible. I had to rehang the ornaments out of Peyton's reach later that night, but she had fun feeling like a big girl. And Chris is still getting the hand of spreading them out so it looks decorated all over, not just in one spot. That's probably my OCD tendencies coming out, but I wouldn't be me without them so we cope:) Takeing family pictures is getting more and more difficult with the more eye's that we need to be on the camera, but we do our best.
My 3 kids:) Wow, sounds crazy, but there they are and what a cute bunch they are.
And here is Bentley's first bath. He wasn't even to mad about it. With the wash cloth keeping him warm, he actually seemed to enjoy it.....until we had to wash him and get him out. But he'll get used to it and we'll get better at it again(amazing how much slips from your memory from kid to kid that you have to relearn).
As you can see, we're doing good. I love my life and my family and all the blessing the Lord has given me. This holiday season has been a good one so far and I can't wait to see how the rest pans out:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bentley Austin Roseborough

I'll start with an adorable picture of what our little guy looks like now and then tell the story of how he's battled to be where he is now.

Our little guy is finally here. It's been a long time coming.....and stressful for a while afterwards, but all is good now. Friday after Thanksgiving, Bentley joined our little family. He was born at 6:51 pm 7 lbs 8 oz 22 inches long. He did great for about the first hour. When they took him to giving him a bath and shots and take his vitals is when things started getting worse.

He was having a hard time breathing. So they put him in an oxygen tent and kept in close contact with a doctor from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center throughout the night on his condition. He wasn't getting worse and was stable, but Delta's hospital had done all they could for him and if he needed anything more done for him, he would have to be transported. So we decided it would be best to transport him before he needed it, just in case. So they discharged me and by 6:30 am we were on our way to Provo to the NICU at Utah Valley. We got there and he was doing alright for about 6-7 hours. Then he started struggling for breath again. So they put him on the CPAP mechine. It blows air down his throat to expand his lungs for him so all he has to do is breath, not raise his chest.
After being on the CPAP, then off, then on again, they left it on for 24 hours to give him a chance to strengthen his lungs so once he went off it again, he didn't have to go back on. By this point, his bilirubin started to raise a little. So since he was having to lay there anyways, they thought that'd get a head start on that too.
By Monday, he was off the CPAP and doing fine. They had put a feeding tube in his nose and had been feeding him my pumped milk. Once he was off the CPAP, I started feeding him and he caught on in a few feedings and was soon off the feeding tube too. Once he was eating well off me, he didn't need any IV's either so he went off those as well.
Wednesday we waited all day to see if he was going to be just fine to go home. He had been taken off the IV's Tuesday night and they wanted him off for 24 hours before they released him to make sure he wasn't going to take a turn for the worse. Our little man pulled through like a champ and we got to bring him home that night. 5 days old and he finally got to come home and relax.
It was so nice to have him home and to be able to relax and just enjoy being a mom. My mom and I had stayed in Provo with Bentley while my mother-in-law brought my family home to keep life going here. It was heaven to come home to my two kids, who were so excited to be a big brother and a big sister to their little brother, finally! I am truely blessed to have the amazing family that I have.