Friday, February 10, 2012

December 12th-January 29th!

It's been so long since I posted so I'll just put up pictures of events and a short descriptionand let you enjoy:)

Chris's Elementary Chistmas program Jocelynn's in the front row on the left and Chris is on the half court line in the second row.
Ben and I's 5 year anniversary was on December 15th. I took him on a suprise trip to Salt Lake. We ate at The Roof restraunt, took a horse drawn carriage ride around Temple Square, and stayed in the Swiss Family Robinson Room at the Anniversary Inn. It was a fun trip:)

While Christmas shopping, we ate lunch at Chilli's. Well, they had a balloon animals guy making them for tips. Peyton got a doggy, named him puppy, and loved him until he withered away to nothing.

My parents brought up our Christmas from them the weekend before Christmas. It was nice to visit.

It was a Roseborough Christmas this year! Everyone got to be there. Here we are painting fingernails and toenails. And the kids are playing twister with Grannie Annie!

The adults busied themselves with some skeet shooting.

Ann hosted the nativity story Christmas Eve and all the kids that would dress up as characters did, and LOVED it:)

After opening Christmas eve gifts at Grandma and Grandpa's, we came home and our kids got to open their Christmas eve gifts from us too!

Bentley's Santa Loot!

Peyton's Santa Loot!

Chris's Santa Loot!

Christmas Day at home!

Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Kenny & Kristie's Family!

Derek & Hailie's Family!

Rob & Michelle's Family!

And the whole family!

Peyton playing with the stockings after Christmas was over!

Peyton was too funny "pushing" the cart for dad.

Christmas brought us a new 50" TV and the box brought my kids tons of fun:)

We, the kids and I, took a weekend trip to Bear Lake. Peyton LOVES: "Bert-me" "Bert-me-boo" "Boob" and "Boobie". ALL of these are Peyton's way of saying Britnee!

Bentley's 1st hair cut:(


KaDee's basketball games! Bret, Peyton in Bret's shades, Bentley, and Ben.

Peyton in her "Doe TaDee" shirt with Heidi!

KaDee shooting a freethrow.

Grandma Sony and Grandpa Rusty and Bentley cheering on KaDee.The whole gang! Peyton LOVES Bret and Heidi. She calls them "her friends" and wants to know when she'll see them again!

KaDee plays JV and Varsity, but hasn't actually played Varsity since being split onto both teams......until this game! #40, which ironically enough, was Ben's basketball number in high school.

Hope you enjoyed our past month and a half, and I hope to do better at posting again now that stuff has slowed up a bit:)