Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Photos!

It's been a year since I did my kids photos in my front room with my blue blanket back drop so I figured I was due for updated ones. It was a whole new experience this year. Chris is getting old enough that he is quite simple to photograph. In and out in 6 shots! Peyton on the other hand was a handful! She is still learning the fine are of smilying without trying too hard, but showing a little teeth without lifting her chin, but still not shoving her chin in her chest, but looking at the camera and keeping her hands where I put them when she says cheese and wants to fling her hands in the air to show she's saying cheese........etc. Those of you who have done this with your own children know what I'm talking about. So I thought I'd first add her "difficult" picture so you'd all appreciate the glory that the "good" one brought me:)
She is such a beautiful girl, but I have a gut feeling I'm going to be seeing alot more of the last pictures face then I will be the next pictures face! 88 shots later, I decided to call it good for Peyton. What picture did I end up using as her "good" one you may ask............#2!!!!!

Then it was Bentley's turn. Chris was helping me get smiles! So Chris standing behind me made Bentley give me this look.

But soon the smiles were all we were getting! After about 13 shots, he was done.

Then came the group shot. By this time, Bentley and Peyton were done. Chris knew that it was better to just play along until I said I was satisfied. But once again, I have to show the "difficult" picture for everyone to appreciate the "good" one:)

But we did get a "good" one:) Even though, 2 of the 3 kids are looking at daddy, I'll take what I can get. Smiles on all three and eye's up in the general direction of the camera :P

It's sure been a crazy year with these three! Quick recap. Chris is almost through the 3rd grade and doing well. He has hit his AR goal all 3 terms so far and has got to go on their "mystery trip"(Hop 2 It, 3D Beauty and the Beast, and bowling) each time. I'm very proud of him. Peyton has been potty trained for a good 5 or 6 months now. She's getting such a personality that she makes me laugh on an hourly basis. She LOVES church and Jesus and praying and her brothers! Bentley is growing like crazy. Been walking since early December, making him my earliest walker at 12 months, where the other 2 waited until 14 months. He still only has 2 teeth, but it sure doesn't slow him down at the dinner table. He does needs an occational cuddle in the middle of the night sometimes, but it quite a fun boy to be around. Lifes good:)

February 2012!

(Feb 11th) S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! Saturday night, Peyton wanted to watch a movie in her room. We set her up and she watched "Beauty and the Beast". She's such a cute girl!
(Feb 13th) It warmed up enough for us to go out and play while daddy grilled steaks on the grill. It was good to get out and let the kids enjoy the space and fresh air!

Peyton couldn't let me be the only one taking pictures so she got her camera too and made everyone say "cheese"!

Chris wanted me to take picture after picture after picture of him making a quick turn on his scooter.

And this in just one of Bentley's many priceless faces that are very hard to get a picture of. So funny;P

(Feb 14th) My friend Katie lives in Twin and she suggested we start getting together once a week to bake cookies. She has a little girl that is 7 months younger then Peyton, named Paige. She also watches a little girl named Ali and she's just 2 months younger then Bentley. So we let our youngins play and we bake cookies.

Here's our loot for our first week. We got festive and made them Valentines cookies!