Tuesday, April 23, 2013

February 2013!

 Just a cute picture of Charly:)
 Super bowl party with some of the high school students.  My kids love them and they are all really good with my kids so it was a really fun night.

 Zoe's getting pretty big!
 Ben's pretty cute some night with the kids.  This particular night, he was playing music on his Ipad and dancing with the girls.
 It is moments like this that my heart swells and I don't feel like I could possibly be happier.
 Chris helped me make his Valentines box for school.  He was pretty proud!
 One weekend in February, the kids and I got to spend in Bear Lake with my mom and dad.  My kids love getting out of routine and spending time with family:)
 Cody is pretty dang good with my youngins.
 They have someone to play with on the toys at Arctic Circle.

 Ignore the steam, but here is us swimming in Garden City.
 Aunt Tara and Princess Pey-Pey!
 Bentley loves his sister!
 Everyone napping away a Sunday afternoon.
 Chris played on the 4th-5th grade basketball team for Murtaugh and they did a great job.  They took 2nd place at their tournament.
 Bentley teaching Charly how to use the toys on the entertainment center!
 Chris- 9 yrs old
 Peyton- 4 yrs old
 Bentley- 2 yrs old
 Charly- 7 months
 Brotherly love!
 Sisters forever!

January 2013!

 Grandpa Rusty and Grandma Sony came to visit and my kids sure love having them here.
 Charly loved having someone to hold her whenever she wanted.
 Ben got new hats from work so the kids were playing dress up and topped the outfits off with the new hats:)
 Charly's getting so big....and almost always happy!
 Ben was JV coach and Varsity Asst. coach for Murtaugh's girls basketball and did a great job.
 Grandpa Dayn and Grannie Annie came to a few games.  They were a big help at the games with all my kiddos!  Grandpa Dayn is one of Charly's favorite people.
 Chris and Bentley keeping themselves occupied during the games.
 Chris's scout Pinewood derby was held at the church in Murtaugh.  He took 2nd place once, 3rd place twice, and 4th once.  He was so excited that he'd done better then last year.
 He did a great job with his car, with a huge amount of help from Grannie Annie and Grandpa Dayn.  It was carved like a skate board.
Chris's friend Ivan even got to come to cheer him on.