Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012!

 Chris's last day of school was June 1st.  He's gotten so big this year, I can hardly believe that he's the same kid:)
 Chris turned 9 on June 6th!  But it was his year to be with his dad for the actual day of his birthday so I had a family birthday party for him on the 2nd, before he headed to his dad's for the summer.  It's been a long time coming, but Chris finally got a set of scriptures.  He was so excited, he had them open and was reading the first page when I went down to put him to bed that night.  He also got some new summer clothes and gym shorts. Grannie Annie and Grandpa Dayn got him a basketball and boy did he LOVE that!
 He couldn't get it out of the box fast enough.
 He also got a few new games for his DSi.  He played it none stop until we sent him to bed that night:)
 Bentley and Peyton sure had fun taking turns trying on his new clothes!
 While Ben and I were in Atlanta, we left Peyton and Bentley with my mom and dad.  Chris was at his dad's.  My parents were kind enough to take the time to go over to one of Chris's coach-pitch baseball games.  He hit a home-run and they were able to click a picture just as he hit it.
 My cousin Kellen got married the weekend we were away so my kids got to go and be a part of the festivities.  My Peyter bug LOVES the temple.  She tried to convince Grandma Sony on the way to Provo that she's a big girl now so she can go IN the temple too:)  The best my mom could do was to take a nice picture of Peyton admiring the temple.  Ironically enough, this is the temple Ben and I were sealed in :D
 Bentley is a Grandpa lover.  He made himself a good friend while staying with my parents.
Here are Peyton and Bentley while waiting at the temple.

 We made daddy cupcakes for Father's day.  This was Peyton's......
And Bentley's attempt at eating them:)
 The next day, Bentley snuck a cupcake off the counter and I told him he could have it after dinner and to put it back.  This was what I found him looking like when I went to check if he'd put it back!
 Our cherries on our trees are starting to hit prime picking time so we spend a couple hours out in the yard.  Peyton saw me get my camera so she had to grab her's too.
 With my balance not being supreme, I decided to let Ben go up the ladder to pick the higher branches.
 Peyton liked to climb the latter with daddy too!
 Bentley decided since he couldn't reach the cherries on the tree, he'd pick the ones up off the ground that Ben and I had thrown down because the birds had punctured them.
 He very much enjoyed helping and being outside!
 And he goes where daddy goes!
 We are blessed to live in the country and our kids LOVE to watch the crop dusters spray the fields.  Surrounded by fields, we have them fly right over our house a couple times throughout the summer!
 It's was really hot the last week of June so we let the kids get out and play in the sprinkler.
 Bentley just LOVES being outside!
 As does Peyton!
 Oh, the facial expressions of a 3 yr old!  She was wondering if she was gonna get caught blocking the water with her foot.
 Then it became a game
These two really are the best of friends
 And do pretty good at helping each other out when needed.
 Bentley wasn't sure of the sprinkler at first, but after Peyton assured him it was alright, it was like pulling teeth to get the two of them to come it.
 Hailie got to come up and visit the last weekend of the month and my kids sure love her!  They sat at the counter while she cut up stuff for homemade salsa.
 We got to play in Grannie Annie yard with the tents.
 And Aunt Hailie taught Bentley "cut the pickle, tickle tickle" and he thought it was a great game!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Atlanta, GA Trip:)

Ben and I have been planning to go back to where he went on his mission since we got married.  But a trip to Atlanta, GA doesn't plan it's self and Ben's work schedule is always a struggle.  Not to mention we started a family and had babies, kids, feedings, and all that life brings with it to worry about.  Well, this year, taxes were good for us so we decided to plan it and go, before this new little bundle of joy gets tossed into the fray.  We were there from June 8th(Fri)-June 12th(Tue). Here's our trip, in a nut shell.
DAY 1: Ben continually talks about how AMAZING Zaxby's chicken is.  It was on his to-do-in-GA list.......twice:)  We met a couple Ben had met on his mission there and visited with them over lunch.  They lived in Provo for a while while we lived in Delta, so I'd had the chance to meet them.  It was so nice to see them and catch up.  
 Then we headed off to Callaway Gardens!  It was gorgeous!  Here were some turtles you could feed right off the bridge in the lake!
 Ben found out he doesn't quite have the wingspan of an eagle!
 At 30 1/2 weeks along, I was just glad to be enjoying myself:)
 The butterfly atrium was cool!
 One thing I noticed over and over were the Magnolia trees!  I LOVED them!  The shine leaves, the huge blooms, oh, I just thought they were so cool.  Here is a size comparison between one of the blooms and Ben's hand!  Wow!  Still so cool to look at:)
 Here was an actual garden in Callaway Gardens.
 A canopied bench in the gardens made for a cute photo op!  Plus, we needed some proof that we were there.
 This was the ONLY picture we got together the whole trip.  I would get so wrapped up in the doing, I's forget to take pictures.  Besides, Ben hates pictures!  I got what I could!
 Here is an actual peach tree in Georgia!  Georgia Peaches!
 The Callaway Gardens was a nice way to kick off the first day of our trip.
 DAY 2:  The main thing we had planned for this day was the Braves vs Bluejays!
 It was only the 2nd professional baseball game either of us had been too!  And we got great seats!  It was so fun to be only 15 seats above the Braves dugout.
 To Ben's pleasant surprise, Chipper Jones actually played and hadn't originally planned to.  It rained a little bit, but not for long and not alot so it made for a quite enjoyable game!  Even though we ended up losing.
 At 12:30 that night, Ben's friend, Jim, finally got off work and we were able to meet up with him and have a late dinner.  Jim lived in Boise for a very short while while Ben and I were engaged and I had a chance to meet him so it a nice chance to meet up and catch up!
 DAY 3: We decided to get the City Passes that give you enterance to Coke world, Georgia Aquarium, and the CNN center, plus other places.
 Coke World was quite interesting to tour.  We used to watch American Idol every week so this couch was a point of interest.
 We kinda ran short on time in the after noon and had to choose between touring CNN or the Georgia Aquarium.  We both decided we'd enjoy the aquarium more so we grabbed a few pictures at CNN, hit the rest rooms, and bought some new batteries for camera and headed to the aquarium.
 The aquarium was well worth our time.  There were alot of people there, but we so enjoyed seeing everything they had to offer.  I didn't get pictures, but we both got to pet sting rays and hammer-head sharks.
 While we were gone, Peyton kept telling my mom that mom and dad had gone to the "forest".  I'm not sure where she heard that, but it was pretty much true!  Georgia has way more trees then Idaho.  So I took some pictures of just the trees for her to see the "forest"!
 One of the Georgia experiences that Ben wanted me to have was to ride MARTA, the public transportation, down into downtown.  Jim acted as our tour guide/body guard for the evening.  He knew better the areas we should see and the areas we should avoid.
 We didn't get a chance to make it into the temple, due to the days we'd planned to be down there, the temple was closed.  But we did get a chance to "sight see" past it.
Only one of the days that we were actually in Atlanta was it clear enough to see the city sky line.  It was an amazing trip and Ben and I would sure like to go back some time with the kids and do it again.  We brought them home souvenirs from each place we visited and shared all our pictures with them and hope that in the future, if all works out, we can all go there together and enjoy a great time!