Sunday, September 20, 2009

BYU Game!

BYU's first game was Saturday(9.19.09). We got offered a trade for one game of our season tickets for a few Jazz game tickets. Well, we were alright with missing a game for the chance to get to go to a Jazz game so the guy picked the first game so he could come and go before the had to start harvesting crops. Well, Friday, my mom called me and offered me her ticket to go with my dad because she was attending Time Out for Women in Logan. So I got to go. Well, Ben decided he and Chris shouldn't get left out. So we got him and Chris tickets from the internet and made a day of it.
Ben, Chris, and I had our BYU gear from last years games, but Peyton, being new to the Cougar fan club, didn't have anything. So first thing into the staduim, we hit the Cougar Den and got her a cheerleading outfit. The game was a crappy one. We got our bums handed to us by a team that wasn't even a threat, but I always enjoy the games. They're just easier to enjoy when we win. Peyton looked adorable and Chris got cotton candy and snow cones, so all in all, it was a good day!