Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 22nd-28th!

(23rd) We gave Bentley a red vine to see how he liked them! I think we found out that he likes them quite a bit. The entire tub full of bathwater turned a nice shade of pink when he was getting washed off.
(26th) It was getting down to the last few days of summer vacation so we got the kids together for one last pool party to say good-bye to summer break.

Bentley and Isabelle just enjoyed being outside and gettin fresh air and watching the kids have fun in the water.

(28th) We're still working on potty training Peyton. Some days she does great and doesn't wet in her diaper, but other days, she won't go once in the potty. But we know she's getting the jist of it because she's started letting Princess use her potty! Such a sweet girl.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 15th-21st!

(15th) Our VW Passat's AC compressor went out and we had to get it replaced with a bunch of other stuff. It took a couple days so we took a few days off work and went up to Boise and stayed for a few nights. To pass the time without our car, we went shopping at the mall. Ben and Peyton went in to Build-A-Bear while Bentley and I watching the goings on from the bench out front.
Peyton named her puppy Princess. She even got to get an outfit and shoes with the deal they were having.

(16th) To send the half day it took for our car to get finished, we took the kids to the zoo. Peyton thought it was very fun to see all the animals in their cages.....which is exactally where she prefers them!

They had a fun butterfly exhibit that people could walk through. They would check you before they let you leave so that you didn't take any with you. Ben was the only one of our group that "caught" one.

By the time we were ready to leave the zoo, the kids were tired and ready to leave the zoo too. But we enjoyed walking around and just enjoying some time off together.

(18th) My dear Peyton girl is still as "helpful" as she's ever been. This morning, she thought she'd help me put her bowl in the sink when she was done with her cereal. Only problem.....the milk was still in the bowl and the counter was taller then she was.

The milk covered the floor and Peyton's face, which she didn't much like!

(19th) For my birthday, we got to go to the Cassia County Fair, eat good food, good maple bars, and watch the rodeo. Hailie and Derek came up for the weekend as well so we got to spend some time with them too. It was very hot at the top of the grandstands so Bentley was stripped down to just a diaper and Peyton was put in some capri's. The rest of us just had to stick it out.

(20th) Kyle had come home for the weekend too. He had a date that wanted to shoot guns and we were more the willing to join them when they invited us to. Chris liked to pull the mechine to throw the clay pigeons. Ben liked to shoot so they made a good team.

Peyton didn't much care for the boom, but she liked being by her Uncle Kyle so she dealt with it.

Bentley and I sat on the blanket and covered out ears so that we could stand to stay out and watch.

Derek came out and shot for a while too. I even got a chance to shoot. I missed the first one and hit the second one. I decided to stop while my hit rate was 50%.

(21st) Ann was so nice to make me peach cobbler for my birthday "cake". And she even put candles with a "2" "6" on it for me:) It was very good, expecially the crust, which is always the best part.

Bentley got to sit with Grannie Annie and eat some cobbler, but his favorite part was the whipped cream! Boy, look at him lick those lips :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 8th-14th!

(12th) I cleaned out the left side of our garage so that we could park a car there. After working in the garage for and hour or so, Peyton and Bentley came out with me. Soon after that, we finally had the room to pull in the car. There were quite a few earwigs that started scurrying away from where the tires were sitting so I started stepping on them and saw something right next to the garage move towards the yard. I yelled "snake" and Ben came running. He hit it a couple times with the shovel and it struck a couple times, but Ben get it. As we pulled it out to further examine our intruder, we realize it's a rattlesnake! I was freaked because Peyton and I had both been walking right around where he was for 10 minutes or so. I still struggle to walk out past there without looking very closely to make sure there isn't another one.

(9th) My friend Katie, from Cosmotology school, invited me to lunch at the CSI park with her, her daughter, Paige, and another one of the girls from our cosmo class, Lana, and her little girl Kinley. We had such a good time letting our kids play and catching up with what the others were up to.
Paige and Kinley swinging!

Peyton and Bentley taking their turns on the swings.

Kinley and Peyton taking turns on the slide.

To make up for there only being 2 kids swings, and the fact that Peyton and Paige are both so skinny, we put the two together to let them both swing:)

(10th) Peyton decided she wanted to wear tutu's this day. She has a sweater on, then a leatard tutu, then another tutu on under that. She thought she was so funny.

(12th) Bentley still isn't crawling, but he is rolling all over the place. He doesn't let not being that mobile get in the way of him getting to where he wants to go.

Ben and Kenny both volunteered to work at the soup kitchen this night so Kristie and I decided we'd go in and let the kids play at the park just down the street. It was so funny to watch Bentley and Isabelle have the same reactions to swinging. Holding their breathes to grinning because they actually do like it. Baby's are so fun!

Here are the big girls playing on the playground! It's so hard to get them to sit still, but this one turned out so good. They had so much fun....until they got hungry. At that point, we moved the playing to Arctic Circle where they ate, then played on the play place there. The two guys came and met us when they were done at the soup kitchen.

(13th) Ben mowes our lawn every week.....and Peyton HATES the noise. But she loves the 4-wheeler so I finally convinced her to go ride with him. She had no problem at all being on it if she could use daddy's ipod to listen too! She's so funny!

That afternoon we were invited to Kierstley's birthday party. It was a pool party and there we so many fun kids there for everyone to play with.

Kierstley had such a good birthday and we had so much fun celebrating with her.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

internet soon to come!

we finally have an installation date for our internet. august tenth. catch up posts to come. yay.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 1st-7th!

(1st) We struggled this day. Tried to potty train Peyton. We had a few successes, but also had a few messes. We continue to try. No picture, but it was a day to remember. (5th) I did Peyton's hair super cute for Aunt Michelle's baby shower! And she was such a big girl to sit still for me to braid it:)
Oh, she can be such a diva! But I don't think I've ever seen such an adorable diva in all my life:)

Michelle was so nice to let her nieces help her open her presents! She got alot of stuff that will be well used and some great advice for a first time mom:)

Bentley enjoyed all the many faces to watch at the shower. Kelli Watts even got down on the floor and played with him.

Another way we kept the kids occupied during the shower was to let them all go out for rides on Kenny's 4-wheeler. Here's the girls, Ben, and Bentley.

Then next it was the girls, Ben, and Isabelle's turn.

(6th) Our tree of apricot were ripe for the picking so Kristie, Jocelynn, Kierstley, Isabelle, Ann, Michelle, me, Peyton, Bentley, Ben, and Kenny all picked apricots. It seemed like a good idea, but the more we picked, the more weigh was on the apricots on the bottom of the barrel. But, oh heavens were they yummy while they lasted:)

And here is prego Michelle! She looks so cute:) She is 32 weeks in this picture.