Friday, January 14, 2011

Bentley Austin's Baby Pictures

When I left the NICU, the nurse suggested I not take Bentley into public for 2-3 months. I have always taken my baby's to Kiddie Kandid's and had their pictures taken at just a few weeks old because they grow so fast. So trying to comply with the nurses suggestion, I had a very talented friend of mine that does photography come to my house to do Bentley's. These beautiful pictures don't need any explaination so enjoy:)

Bentley's Blessing

Please excuse my random positioning of the pictures when reading this blog. I don't like the picture uploader because I don't know how to run it exactally. So here is a bunch of random pictures from the weekend of Bentley's blessing.This is Bentley and Isabelle, Kenny and Kristie's little girl that is 2 months older then Bentley.
This is the grandma's with Bentley. His face is priceless:)
Kelby, Michelle, Ann, and Hailie are playing Sorry Sliders. Peyton's helping Hailie, Kierstley's helping Grannie Annie, and Bentley's napping comfortably in Grandma Sony's arms. Peyton loves her little brother so much we actually have a hard time keeping her lips off his head whenever it happens to be within reach:)

Our growing family! Peyton wasn't quite sure she wanted to take pictures, but Bentley did quite well. I guess that's a good thing since it was his day!

Bentley Austin is his blessing tux. He looked so handsome!

The whole Dayn & Ann Roseborough family. L to R top: Dayn, Bentley, Ann, Rob, Michelle, Kierstley, Kenny, Kristie, Isabelle, Derek, Hailie, Kelly, and Ben. L to R bottom: Peyton, Kyle, Chris, and Jocelynn.
Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids:) Keirstley didn't want her picture taken, Peyton wanted her juice, and the rest were indifferent.