Saturday, November 9, 2013

October 2013!

 We're excited to announce.....we're expecting baby #5 in February.  It's another little girl and we are so ecstatic! The final tally for our family will be boys- 3, girls- 4, as we are done having kids after this one.  We both decided that we wanted 5 kids and now that we're there, we're going to enjoy raising the angels we've been blessed to have sent to us.
 Charly's hair is now long enough to have pig tails:)  I'm loving watching her grow.....all to fast :(
 And if you take a picture of one kids, you've got to take a picture of the other:)  (Chris and Peyton were at school)  But who can pass up a chance to click a smile of this handsome boy!
 I came out from showering one day and found this laying on the couch.  Cute girl just found her blanket and crashed!
 My kids Halloween craft for their grandma's!!! They now keep asking when I'm going to paint them again.
 Such a mellow little beauty.  Can't pass up these precious moments.
 FHE pumpkin carving!
 Grandpa Dayn and Grannie Annie came over and helped, thank heavens for Ben had a meeting that night.
 Chris's (left) was a deer. Peyton's (right) was Ariel.
 Charly's (left) was Hello Kitty. And Bentley's (right) was Mickey Mouse.
 The last week of October, Dayn got a few calves that are still bottle feeding that he needed some help taking care of.  Being that I'm home most the time, my kids and I get to take care of these fun animals.
 First one here is Oakley, she loves eating her OATS so Oakley was a close enough name.
 Next is Lovie!  Peyton's favorite.  She really is a sweet heart....and kinda has a heart on her forehead.  But she was the first one to learn how to drink out of the bucket and therefore got all the extra milk there was left in the bucket once the bottles were full.
 Then there's my favorite, Bell!  She is still quite young, but she is so sweet.  I just love her pink nose!
 And then there's Seven, since the white mark on her forehead kinda looks like a 7 and also because my kids really liked a dog named 7 that used to live next to their grandparents.  They are all really good cows and give me something to help teach my kids responsibility with!
 HALLOWEEN!!!!!  Charly was a kitty!
 Bentley a Fireman!
 Peyton was Tinkerbell!
 And Chris was Ironman!
 A fearsome group if you ask me!
Charly did figure out how to say "meow" this day and was so cute doing it.  Here she is saying "meow" while eating cotton candy.  What can I say, she's a multitasker :)

September 2013!

 Chris is now 10 years old and started the 5th grade this year.  His teacher is Mrs. Seever. So far, he says she is his all-time favorite teacher.  He is so excited to be getting older and looks forward to basketball season the most.
 Peyton started Pre-K this year.  She has been looking forward to this day since the first day she saw Chris get on the bus years ago.
 She loves Hello Kitty and represented it well on her first day.
 Our friend Debbie is her bus driver and she was so excited to get to ride the bus.  I followed her to the school after she got on the bus.
 Her teacher is Mrs. Spells.  She is such a sweet gal and Peyton loves her class.
 Bentley and Charly went with me and didn't mind at all being around all the commotion.
Here is Peyton's very first school picture.  She looks too old in this picture and it scares me how fast she's growing.

August 2013!

 We had the chance to go down to Bear Lake twice during August!  The kids had so much fun playing with cousins and enjoying the mild summer.
 We made a trip over to the east side of the lake where we got to play on a private beach and not have to deal with all the Raspberry Days crowds on the public beaches.
 It was warm as far as Bear Lake goes, but my kids were still a little shocked at the temp.
 But Tia's little girl, Ryleigh, didn't seem to mind at all.  Fact it, we had to catch her a few times as she bailed out of the floaty boat.
 Peyton and Bentley took their turn in the boat too.  Bentley was not so sure!
 Ryleigh had a great time....until she decided she was hungry and crashed while drinking her bottle.
 Charly had a great long as she wan't in the water.  It took some coxing to get her wet.
 Once she was there, she didn't want to move the that exact spot.
 The older kids, Britnee, Chris, Cody, and Wyatt, had a blast playing in the water, then migrated to the beach where they proceeded to make sand castles.
 After a little while, and lots of fun, my kids started getting a bit cool and a little tired.
 Charly really didn't mind it after a while, not that you can tell by this picture.
 All 3 of us girls don't get together often, and even less often do we actually remember to take a picture while together.
 And Tara, the scrapbooker and blogger always complains that she doesn't have any pictures of the two of us so we took the chance to click this one too.
 Then we had to get mom in there as well.  Us goofy girls!
 My Charly darling turned 1 on August 8th!!!  She is such a cute little girl and so fun to have in our family.  She is so easy going and as the youngest of 4, she is quite patient.  She shares her birthday with our good friend, Debbie so we did a combined party.
 Charly loved her cake.....
 And frosting!  She was so cute.
 Can't believe she's one already.
 New toys are always the rave in our house!  Charly really liked this toy and it has lets so she can stand next to it......and push it around.  But she's not walking alone yet so it makes a good "walker".
 Grannie Annie and Grandpa Dayn happened to be out of town on Charly's birthday, so they threw her another little party when they got home.
 She was so funny to watch open her presents.
 She was not so happy when it came to her cake.....she cried when we took the candle out.
 Our second trip to Bear Lake was for a family reunion.  We had a chance to ride on a horse drawn wagon around St. Charles as a group and sing songs and enjoy the beautiful sun set.  My kids weren't sure at first, but once we were done, they didn't want to be finished.
 Peyton and Brooklyn are only 5 months difference in age and they LOVE spending every bit of time they can together.
 Our Pugmire reunion was a blast.  We had paints for face painting that us children at heart got participate in:)
 Aunt Tara was the official "sandman".  She rocked and sang both of these two to sleep and got them laid down without waking up.  It had been a long day for them.
 Charly was so much fun to show off and everyone had a good time.
 Tara and Matt were nice enough to let me and my 4 youngins to stay in her trailer while we were down there and being that they wake up pretty early in the morning, we would stay in the trailer until we knew everyone else was up.  Snacks was a good way to keep them busy until they could go start a new day playing with their cousins.
 Zoe and Charly have become good friends.  And as long as Zoe doesn't take Charly's feet out from under her, she doesn't mind at all having her in the house.