Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy New Year!

Not much to update, but I haven't posted anything lately so I thought I'd a least write something. I am 27 1/2 weeks along now. Friday is my day to take a new picture and I feel like I've gotten bigger. The website I check says that she is 14 1/2 inch long and almost 2 lbs(the size of a head of cauliflower). Ben and I are looking into buying a house here in the Delta area since it looks like this job is going to keep us here. We're okay with that. We don't like being this far from family, but the job is stable and we love the people. We've made some great friends and when you miss your family, that's the next best thing. We're still working on the custody thing too, very slow process. But we keep praying and hoping and moving forward. We love the 3 days we do get Chris though. He is such a bright kid, energetic, and has a way of making you feel as if everything is going to be okay. I miss him so when he's at his dad's, but I just have to look at it as a means to an end, but sometimes it's hard. Thanks to those of you who have kept me in your prays and thoughts.