Saturday, September 29, 2012

Charly's Newborns!

My beautiful Charly Dawn had her newborn pictures taken by a sweet gal here in Murtaugh.  She did a good job and I think Charly did a pretty good job too!  She's such a sweet baby and we love having her in our family! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

August 2012

I was not very good at taking pictures while I was big and pregnant with Charly but started taking alot more after I had her.
Charly Dawn Roseborough joined us on 8-8-12!
This 8 lb 6 oz beauty was so ready to come.....once they broke my water.

Daddy's baby princess!

Peyton was so ready for Charly to be here.
Brother and sister with the newest sister:)

Bentley LOVES his sister.
A few pressure marks from birth, but she is beautiful!
Daddy got mom and Charly flowers!  They were so pretty.
Headed home!
To fires in our back yard.....well, right behind the corn field that in our back yard.
These were taken from my back porch @ 6:00 am the morning of Charly's first night home.  Needless to say, we went to my in-laws to finish sleeping, just in case.
Charly's first "sleepover" went well!
Bentley and Peyton didn't mind spending so much time at Grannie Annie's.

Zoe is getting bigger and bigger!
Jaycee and Britnee got to come for a couple days to see Charly and help with the other kids.
Every time I go to check on Bentley, he's like this.  Must like it dark when he sleeps.
My beautiful baby girl!

My beautiful Peyter bug!
Hailie, Michelle, and I threw Ann a suprise "50 sucks" birthday party while all the family was up for the weekend.  She had NO idea.

Bentley eating an ice cream sandwich!
Hailie and Derek brought their dog Chewy up for the weekend and the neighbors dog 7 came over!  They're now good friends:)
Charly's first bath!  She LOVED it, as long as she was just laying there.  Once I started washing her, all bets were off and she started disliking it very fast.
Charly in her blessing dress.

Grandma Sony, Grandpa Rusty, and Charly on her blessing day and my dad's birthday.

Rob and Michelle's next "toy" just might be an Ipad!
Grandmas' picture with Charly.
Peyton loved Kyle's friend Jessica.

Aunt Hailie was a great babysitter!

The night before the blessing, a big wind picked up a ton of ash and it was blown throughout the town.  We unfortunately had our windows open to cool off the house and it COVERED our kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  I'm still finding nooks and crannies that have soot in them.
Sorry it's blurry. Grandpa Rusty wanted red velvet cake for his birthday so we got him cupcakes.  My power happened to go out that night for about 3 hours.  So we lit the candle for a little light.  Then cooked hotdogs on the grill.  It was so fun.  Just as we sat down to eat, the power came back on.  Fun and memorable night!

Chris's first day of school!