Friday, June 19, 2009

Peyton bath time!(remember to turn off music to watch video)

Peyton loves her baths! She usually sits in there for 20 minutes. As long as is warm enough, not to warm, and you keep pouring water over her, she is very content. She splashes and talks and just enjoys herself, typical girl:) Anyway, Chris came in to brush his teeth and use his mouth wash last night(6.18.09) and likes me to count to 60 for him to know how long the mouth wash is supposed to stay in his mouth. Well, Peyton doesn't really like the counting, as you can tell from the video. I feel so bad that she gets upset, but it's so dang cute at the same time. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer day's!

Not alot has been going on around here. It hasn't been as hot here the last few days so that has been nice, but the rain has made it so we couldn't mow the lawn. Which I don't It'll bite really bad when we finally can mow it. It'll be an even bigger job. Peyton's growing like a weed! And she is starting to "talk" as much as a 10 week old baby can. And she's starting to smile too! It's so fun! Chris is having fun up here. He does t-ball every Wednesday and as soon as Jaycee isn't here to keep him occupied, we're starting him in swim lessons. They won't allow kids who can't swim to go off the diving board or the slide. He's hopeing that he can go down the slide by the time summers over. Being a parent is so fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our day!

Chris had his first t-ball game today. It wasn't the teams first t-ball game, but it was Chris's. If you know t-ball at all, there are no winner or losers, everyone gets to bat, there's no outs and everyone gets to play the feild. Chris got to play first base chatty little boy was talking to the other teams base coach more then he was watching the ball! But he did good. We've been working with him on his throwing and hitting, but we've now decided he needs to practice knowing when to run and paying attention to the game, not the other players. But one step at a time. Ironically, my sister, Tara's, best friend from Jr. High, Jamie Cox, happens to live across the street from Ben and I's new home. So her little boy, Bryor, who is 4 months younger then Chris, is on his t-ball team(view picture one). Pictures two is Jaycee, Peyton, Chris, Cambry, and Brinley. Chris is standing backwards because he had been riding his bike through 'mud puddles' at Bryor's farm. If any of you know farms, you know they usually aren't 'mud puddles'.

Then it rained and got them all wet as they were walking home. It was a good day. Summer is so fun. And I love having my boy to keep me busy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Christopher Brett Grunig

My little boy is 6! I can hardly believe it. If you'd like to take a stroll with me down my memory lane....
2009: He turned 6 today. We had a small party for him. His Grannie Annie, Grandpa Dayn, Jaycee, Ben, Peyton, and I were all here to join him on his fun day! He got an Ipod, baseball mit, bat, and ball. He also got a big dump truck that is big enough for him to sit in. Chicken strips and mac-&-cheese is his favorite meal so that's what he got! 2008: Last year at this time, we lived in Heyburn. We had a party at our house...and moved out the next day to move to Utah. There weren't many places to sit, but he had a lot of family there that didn't mind sitting on the floor. He got a 4-wheeler! Ironically, chicken strips were his favorite meal then too, so that's what we had.
2007: Then the year before we were living in an apartment in Twin Falls. We even high-lighted his hair for his birthday! There was hardly room for everyone to squeeze into, but we all made it. He got swim shorts that snap to a life jacket that matches. We all ate sloppy joes because honestly, what's easier to make for alot of people?!

2006: We were living in Pocatello while I went to school. He got spoiled by Ben when he gave him 2 pairs of Jordon shoes and a box of Tootsie pops. We had a bar-b-que in the back yard of our appartment. Jason, Erin and their kids, Jaycee & Grandma Sony and a few friends all came and we had hamburgers and hot dogs. And the orange frosty on his face was from the Shrek cupcakes he wanted instead of cake.

2005: We were living in Pocatello and had come home for the weekend. It wouldn't be his birthday for a couple days, but we wanted to have a party in Bear Lake so that family could be there. We went to the park/pavillian above the baseball feilds. He got a green lawn chair. And all we had was cake.

2004: 1st birthday! He was such a cutie...and a cheeser(as you can tell from the picture). We were at the same pavillian above the baseball feild. And maybe you can't tell, but he got a swimming pool for his birthday. And we had cake...that he got into before anyone else did, and quite enjoyed himself, as I remember.

2003: I had gone into the doctor Tuesday, June 3rd, and was dilated to a 5 so my doctor decided it would be a good idea to start me instead of letting me go on my own because of how far I was dilated and he wasn't sure I'd make it to the hospital if I went into labor on my own. So he gave me a choice, Thursday or Friday. Friday, 6/6 sounded pretty cool so that's what I decided. I went in at 7:00 am. They started me on pit, and at 9;30 am, broke my water. Promptly after that, I asked for an epidural. By 10:30 am, I had my epidural and was snoozing. Around 1:00 pm, the nurse decided I was dilated far enough and called the doctor. When he got there, I was ready to push, after about 15-20 mintues of pushing, Christopher Brett Grunig entered the world, at 1:57 pm. He was 6 lbs 9 oz, 19 inches long, and as you can tell, beautiful.
I will never forget that day! It doesn't even seem possible that it was 6 years ago. He is a great blessing in my life and I will be eternally grateful. He has such an energy about him that is contagious. I don't think there is a person in the world who has met him that doesn't just love him. He is a very optimistic boy and can do anything he puts his mind to. He is so smart, it amazes me. He has a love that is unconditional. I love him and hope he knows that.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peyton's 2 months!

My little girl is 2 months! I can hardly believe it. she is getting so big and I can't do anything to slow it down. So I'm doing my best to enjoy every bit of her while she's still little. I don't feel like I'm in as big of hurry for her to grow as I was with Chris.We went to the doctor on Monday. She is doing very well. She is 12 lbs 5 oz. Which puts her in the 88th percentile. And she's 23 1/2 inches long. We are of course dealing with the "baby acne" and her lungs are getting stronger, but she's also starting to smile, talk(as much as a 2 months old does), and she just makes life worth living. She eats at 9 pm and sleeps until 7:30 or 8:00 am. Which makes mom a happy camper. She is a happy baby, unless it's evening, but most babies have a fussy time, and that happens to be hers. My grandma Ada used to say that all babies need a fussy time because that is when their lungs get the excercise they need.

And with they doctors appointment comes the vaccinations. She got 7 vaccinations, but with the advanced medicine they have these days, they combined what they could and she only had to have 3 shots They put 2 in her right leg(the strawberry shortcake bandaid), and one in her left leg(the barbie bandaid). She cried during the shots and fussed for a few minutes afterwards, but then she fell asleep. And 12 hours and 2 doses of Tylenol later, she didn't even seem to act like anything happened. What a trooper!
We are truely blessed! She is beautiful and healthy and we couldn't ask for more. She loves her brother and her daddy......and her mom to feed her;)