Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life is crazy busy and I love it. Ben is working like crazy and he enjoys being busier. He likes his job and keeping busy.

Peyton is getting bigger every day. She has her first tooth(9.19.10). It didn't effect her too much so thank heavens. She loves playing with her daddy and her tounge is always out of her mouth these days. Chris is the smartest kid ever! He does so well with his homework and his reading. He has a hard time staying on task, but when he does pay attention, he amazes me with how bright he is. It's so much fun to watch him grow up and being such a good big brother. He just got glasses in December. He only needs them for reading, homework, and using the computer, but they make him look so smart.
I am just enjoying being a stay at home mom. I'm here to get Chris on and off the bus help him with his homework, and for anything else he needs. I love watching Peyton catch onto thinks a understanding how different stuff works. Helping her to learn all the thinks that I can. I love life and better get to it:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chirstmas 2009!

As a family tradition, we always got pajamas and we were allowed to open them on Christmas Eve! Well, we're passing the tradition on to our kids. Peyton did help rip the paper a little, but Chris did most the work. But she sure liked what was inside. Chris loves spongebob so of course, he was thrilled as well.
We spent Christmas day at home. Ben worked until 11:00 that morning so the only thing the kids had to play with is what Santa brought them. Then, when Ben got home from work, we started opening. It was so much fun watching the kids open their presents. Peyton didn't quite understand, but she had fun with the paper that came off the presents. Only later did she realize the stuff inside was fun too. Chris couldn't unwrap fast enough. The excitement of Christmas is definatly well spent on the youth. I love my kids and couldn't have asked for a better Christmas then to spend it with my own little family.

Later that afternoon, after the ham and potatoes for lunch, Chris, Peyton, and I hopped in the car and headed to Bear Lake. Chris was to be at his dad's the next day and wanted to spend some time with his cousins before he went. After Chris went to his dad's, I spent a few days at my mom's. Then we drove to Powell to spend some time with Bret and Heidi. Zack was getting his tonsils out and not knowing how he'd handle it, we were going for reinforcement. Well, needless to say, he handled it like a pro! As you can tell from the picture, he doesn't even seem phased by it. He loved Peyton to death so the picture was taken with KaDee in the middle so Zack didn't love her to hard;)

It was such a fun vacation and it was so good to see the family I go to see. But it was so nice too to come home and see my husband and relax and just be home.