Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 5th-11th!

(5th) I've been awful at keep up on taking pictures so I'll give a run down of day to day activities. We left our kids Monday morning and afternoon and ran to Twin to do all our Christmas shopping. We got everything bought and in good time too:)

(6th) We ended up needing to go to town again the next day too so we took the kids with us and grabbed some lunch @ Arctic Circle on the way home. Bentley LOVED his ice cream cone, to say the least:)
My amazing mother-in-law found a really cool book called 'A Christ-Centered Christmas' By Emily Freeman and has been going through it with us on a few evenings since December started. We've done little devotionals at her house and with every devotional, we read about another person who played a role in the first Christmas. The 2nd chapter was Joseph and had a story that had bells in it. So as a token to go with the story, she gave us bells to put on our doors so every time we heard them, we thought of the story. Well, Bentley makes sure we hear them alot, beings that it's one of his new favorite toys:)
(7th) I had to run to the dentist and while I was in Burley, stopped by Les Schwab and had my wheels looked at because they'd been making noises. Come to find out my barrings were going out and had to be replaced. It only took an hour and I had taken 'Breaking Dawn', the book I was reading, with me. The car got fixed and I got my book finished waiting:) That evening we got to go to our ward Christmas Party and it was really good. The primary sang 'This is the Season' while some of them set the stage up as a nativity as the song went on. Chris sang really good and all the primary pulled it together quite well.
(8th) Chris got to spend an extra day at his dad's house for the weekend we we took him to Pocatello on Thursday night. We stopped in Burley on the way home and picked up a present for the whole family while we were there:)
(9th-11th) Didn't do much for the weekend except stay home and clean up and just spend time inside where it was warm with my awesome family. It was fun to relax because I knew the next week was going to be hecktic:)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

November 28th-4th!

(1st) I've so been slacking on picture taking, but I do have a few. After Chris got home from his dad's after Thanksgiving break, we put up our Christmas tree together!
The kids had fun helping! The were a little mad when I put the dog gate up around the tree, but with young kids, this helps minimize the distruction that occurs between now and Christmas to the tree itself and the presents, once wrapped and put under the tree.

(2nd) The next day, before Chris left for school, he let Peyton in to plug in the tree and grabbed my camera to take a picture, since he LOVES feeling big and being able to take pictures for me.

(3rd) This was the last Boise State game of the regular season at home so Ben took Chris and his parents with him. I got to ride up with them and got to go shopping with the two youngins while they were at the game! We had alot of fun:) We were a little late getting back to them after they were done at the game, so Grandma and Chris peroused Albertson's until we got there.