Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 new projects!

Ben and I have made a few upgrades in our house and I think they're awesome!!!  :)  First, we had a gas fireplace installed with a mantle!  Here is the BEFORE:
 And the....AFTER:  Still not quite ALL the way finished, but it looks so good and we love the extra heat it puts out when it's chilly outside.
 Our next project was to add another shower.  The only shower we've had to this point was in the master bathroom.  Not many people like to take baths so Ben and I's bathroom was the only place to get clean when visitors came over.  We decided to upgrade the existing bath into a bath/shower!  Ignore the bath toy mess....this is the BEFORE:
 And the AFTER:
The marble is so nice.  The shower head is nice a tall too so anyone can fit under it without having to duck.  And the drain got fixed as well so it's so much more convenient to use the tub as well.  We have had great workers working on these projects for us and we couldn't be happier.....well, once they're both finished, that is :)