Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The other day(3.18.10) my brother-in-law, Kyle, Chris, Peyton, and I were sitting in the front room listening to the wind howel out side the house when a big thud hit the side of the house. The only things on that side of our house is a utility trailer and the dogs kennel so I ran outside to see what happened. As I walked around the house, I could see nothing that would have explained the thud, but my three dogs were barking up a fuss out towards the field next to our house. This is what I found. This goose! She was just sitting in the field. I walked to within 10 feet of her and she didn't budge. I didn't want to chance her getting upset so I let her be, but it was just so crazy. The wind must have been blowing hard enough to blow her right into the side of our house. How nuts! Anyway, random, but interesting.

First Lost Tooth!

My little man is getting so big! He finally lost his first tooth. This first picture was taken Friday(3.19.10) when he got home from school. He told me he'd wiggled it all day at school and the bus driver told him it would probably come out before the end of the day. Well, he was so convinced it would to. It's all he talked about. So finally, after 3 hours of "mom, listen to it squish....." "mom, feel how loose it is....." "mom, I think it's even looser no, feel it....." I finally convinced him to let me tie some floss to it. After I tied the knot, I explained to him that the only way the string was coming off, was if the tooth came out. So he plugged the sink, and counted to three and......barely pulled and told me it was even looser. Just as I was going to leave him to do it by himself, I heard a tink-tink-tink as it landed in the sink.
He is such a handsome kid, and having the tooth gone, it just reminds me of how fast he's growing up. Ben even mentioned the other day how he looks pretty good with a tooth missing. I love him so much and I'm so glad I've been the one that was blessed to be his mom.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad Weekend!

My husband has a very rough weekend. He had a root canal done on one of his teeth a few months back. Well, some of the root must have been missed because he got an abcessed this past Thursday(3.4.10). The dentist office wasn't open on Friday so we thought we'd be okay to wait through the weekend. Well, come Sunday morning, Ben looked like a chipmunk(picture 1, 11:30 am 3.7). So we ran to the ER to get him started on some antibiotics and get him some pain medicine. He felt aweful. He looked even worse by that evening(picture 2, 7:45 pm 3.7).

He is doing much better tonight. He still hurts and can't quite ease the pain, but it's not near as bad as last night. He goes to the dentist tomorrow and we'll see what happens from there.