Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My beautiful Charly Dawn will be 11 weeks tomorrow!  Time has flown by so fast.  I'm loving every minute of her being little and heavens, is she getting big fast.  She's starting to make fun noises and almost giggle.  She is such a joy to have in our family and we love her so much!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 8th-14th!

 Charly loves watching her big brother and sister play.  She loves it so much that she can practically fall asleep just trying not to miss anything!
 Ben invited the girls and I to go to the Boise State football game Saturday.  We had alot of fun:)  Charly learned to sleep with alot of noise going on(as if she didn't know how to already living with 2 brothers and a sister), and Peyton got to get a "Boise Stake" shirt!  She thought the stickers were so fun and I don't think she watched one minute of the game, but she sure had fun!
 It was so much fun to have a mommy/daddy/daughters date at the football game!
 Michelle had come up and surprised Ann with a visit, but Ann was still gracious enough to take Bentley while we went to the ball game.  Paxon and Bentley had so much fun that day that when we showed up to get Bentley, he didn't want to leave!  I'm so glad Bentley has a cousin close to his age that he gets along with!
 I was just clicking pictures of Charly while she was jibbering.  She's getting big to fast, but I'm loving the stage that she's in right now!
Tried out the flash and this was the result!  Too funny not to share:)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 1st-7th!

We got the chance to go to Rexberg for Paxon's 1st birthday party.  My kids love their Aunt Hailie and can't wait til they get to play with their new cousin!
 It was super fun hanging out with family for the afternoon.
 Grandma is usually being malled by my two middle kids, but this day, she got a chance to love on Baby Charly and Charly thoroughly enjoyed it:)
 Paxon's cake was so cute!  Michelle made it herself!
 Derek "supervising" the eating of the cake, while enjoying it himself.
 Paxon's little cake gotee!

 Charly with Great Grandma Merrill.
 Derek borrowed my camera and took a few pictures of Hailie munching on cheetos.  One of her biggest cravings since becoming pregnant has been cheetos:)
 Paxon, Bentley, and Peyton having fun with Paxon's new toys!
 Bentley and Uncle Rob.
 Everyone watching Paxon open presents:)
 Our first official family picture with Charly!
 Michelle showing Chris how to do the bridge while shuffling cards.
 My kids enjoying Rexberg's soft green grass, in the nice warm weather, without flies bugging the heck out of them. That doesn't happen in Murtaugh this time of year!

 Britnee, my mom, and Jaycee got to come up for Conference weekend and my kids loved having them here.
 Peyton in her Pretty Pretty Princess Pey-Pey get up!
 Charly is such a good baby, she'll just hang out and watch what's going on around her.....when someone's not holding her.
 Bentley's wishing Grandpa Dayn would stop talking and blow the pin-wheel already!
Britnee and Jaycee watching the end of Conference before hitting the road.  I just love Britnee's Sock Monkey hat.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 2012!

August was a rush.....and September flew by!
 Chris was out feeding the dogs one day and found a hawk in the yard that wasn't flying away.  A couple days later, a volenteer for the Fish and Wildlife came out and took the bird to a vet.  There was no saving it and Chris was pretty sad, but we did our best to do what we could for it.
 Mouse in the house!  Peyton yelled while she was on the potty that she saw a snail run under a box.  I was trying to prove to her that there were no snails.....when this mouse ran out and into Peyton's room.  Ben and I searched the room for 20 minutes to find it only to realize it had somehow gotten past us and into another room.  After checking each room, shutting each door, and tucking a blanket under it so the bugger couldn't squeeze back in, we found it in our room.  It came out and after trying to get under every blanket, it ran behind the box. Ben got on one side with a bucket, I got on the other, and it ran into my bucket.  Ben got it outside and "took care" of it with the shovel.
 While Ben was at a Boise State football game, the kids and I decided to have a movie night and build a fort.  We had an interesting time managing keeping the blankets up, kids interested in the movie, and dinner with only one adult to help the kids eat, but we survived and the kids will hopefully only remember that we had a blast:)

 Mouse in the house 2! This one got stuck in the wall behind my fridge and WANTED OUT!  It dug a hole through the wall and felt it necessary to also nibble just enough on my fridge hose to make water spray and puddle and run out from behind it.  Thank heavens for our rental handy man!  He came that day and fixed both problems.  Grrrr for the mice though!
 Ann and I took the kids to the park to enjoy one of the last nice days before fall really hits and we can't just play and enjoy the warm weather.
 Peyton looked to see what I was taking a picture of just as I clicked this one.

 Chris was trying to help the kids get drinks from the drinking fountain.

 Daddy and Charly relaxing!
 She's so stinkin cute!
And there you have it!  We are surviving life as a family of 6!
 Kyle recently moved back from Utah so we got the chance to spend his birthday with him:)  The big 31!
We sure like having him back around and getting to see him more.  My kids love him and we've sure missed not having him around as much!