Thursday, October 7, 2010


My little boy was playing in the front yard with his razor scooter a couple weeks ago and was trying to do a "sick trick" off the front steps and the middle of his scooter caught and and he kept going. This is where his face met the pavement and made him look like the above picture.

The next morning it looked quite a bit worse, but that's just because of the coloring. We neosporined it and it's all but gone now, but we are having to do retakes because the crash came on a Tuesday and that Friday was supposed to be school pictures. As fun as the memories would have been to have his 2nd grade pictures with that across his face, we'll try again at retakes:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

We got the chance to take our kids to the circus on September 24th. We had so much fun! Here is Grandma Sony, Cody, and Chris.
This was the family picture we got during intermission. You can't tell by the looks on our faces, but we're having a good time:)

And again with the faces. Grannie Annie and Grandpa Dayn were able to come down and meet us to enjoy the circus!

The stage just as everythings getting started! Classic 3 ring circus floor.

The lions were fun to watch. How that guy turns his back on any of them while he works with one is beyond me.

Chris's favorite part of the circus was the motorcycles in the iron cage. There were 7 in there at one point in time!

Always a favorite, the elephants! They were so fun to watch. Amazing how animals so big can be trained to do the tricks they do.
Tight rope walking was fun to watch, it was even funner when they made it steep like this picture and the guys shoes were slipping. He handled it amazingly. We had a great weekend and it was so fun to have everyone together to spend some much needed family time together.