Monday, May 7, 2012

April 2012!

 Chris had his pinewood derby event this month.  He had a lot of fun getting his car ready and though he didn't win, he still had fun racing it!
 Easter we all, the whole Roseborough family, got together.  Kites is always a "must" for Easter.
 The kids loved being outside.
 Peyton, Bentley, and Grandpa Dayn flying the Barbie kite, which later that hour blew away, way way far away and Peyton still tears up about it, if mentioned:(
 Everyone got in on the festivities.  We all took family photos as well.  That post is to come because I got the pictures from Hailie and need to get them transferred from my e-mail.
 Once it started warming up, we decided to take these bushes out from in front of our house.  They were hard to see past when we were trying to get out of our driveway, but besides that, they were just ugly.

 Ben dove right in and started pulling them up.
 Chaining them up and pulling them out.
 They were quite large, as you can tell, beings that Ben is 6'4"!

 This was our way of keeping the kids safe while all the tractor work was going on.
 We dragged them all to a big pile and had our landlord's handy man come burn them.
 Then the kids got to get out of the play pen to help us clean up the smaller left overs.
 Bentley and Peyton both loved to help.
 Peyton sure likes her daddy!
 Shadowed and did everything he did while cleaning up.
 Our kids are sure liking the warmer weather!  Bentley has adopted Peyton's old trike.
 With the hoses in the way, Peyton couldn't ride her bike so she settled for her scooter.
 The kids both run from Chris because they're not quite sure he's not going to chase them on his scooter.
 Our puppies sure got heavy with not alot of exerciser over the winter.
 Bentley LOVES the puppies, as long as they're through the fence and can't get him.
Getting the beaters is a prize in our house and Peyton enjoyed it.  As if you couldn't tell by the chocolate brownies all over her face!  Such a cheeser!

Peyton Ali is 3!!!!!

 My Peyton Ali is 3!!!!  She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I tried to do a little bit of a Minnie theme.
 Her cupcakes were fun to do! And she thought they were so cute!
 We had a small get together to have hamburgers for dinner.
 Then it was present time!
 My Princess Pey Pey loves church and dresses!  Which I hate to admit, I don't know where she got either, but she is slowly but surely teaching her mom:)
 We sing songs every night to go to bed and one of her favorites is "I love to see the temple". I read somewhere that if you have a picture of the temple hung in your child's room, it helps as a daily reminder to strive to go there someday.  So I found the picture I took on Ben & I's anniversary trip to Salt Lake of the temple, got an 11x14 of it and she LOVES it!
 Her big present was a big bike. She really likes it and is still trying to figure out how to use it:)
 She was born on the 3rd and she turned 3 this year so it was her Golden Birthday!
 She was surrounded by those she loves and had a great day:)  Even blew out her candles all by herself!
After all was done, Bentley got to help Grannie Annie with the dishes!

Peyton is such a joy! She is the world's best big sister and can hardly wait for her new sister to get here so she can hold her.  She is such a big helper and follows mom all over the house, helping with whatever chore I happen to be doing.  She helps me load the washer with clothes, pushes the wet clothes into the drier after I set them on the door.  She gets her step stool and stands next to me at the sink and scrubs dishes.  She also loves to help me unload the dishwasher, putting away the dishes she can in the cupboards she can reach. If I'm vacuuming, she either has her toy vacuum and is following right behind me or she's keeping Bentley on the couch so he isn't scared.  She loves talking on the phone.  She will say I love you whenever she feels the need to and it makes the day of whoever the recipient happens to be.  Her favorite food is Mac-N-Cheese.  She loves gatorade, preferably blue or purple, or mom or dad's pop.  She also likes strawberry milk.  She calls granola bars candy bars.  She loves flowers!  If you give her one, she WILL pull off all the petals.  She loves changing her clothes and shoes.  She gets to play with her friend Paige every Tuesday and she loves it.  She loves to be the one to say the prayer on the food every night.  I am so blessed to have her beautiful spirit in my home.  She is a wonderful daughter and I look forward to seeing her grow!

Friday, May 4, 2012

March 2012

 Chris got a coke/mentos fountain for Christmas and we finally got a chance to set it up!

 He thought that was so cool!  Quite a waste of pop though!
 Spring came slowly, but my kids enjoyed whatever time they could outside.
 Peyton explored the whole yard and played a little frisbee with Chris and I.
 Bentley loves balls and outside so this day was a perfect combo for him.
 Chris loves all the fruit trees our house is equipped with:)
 Chilling out one day:)
 Playing with their dinner while at grandma Sony's house for spring break!
 Peyton wearing the coat grandma Sony wore when she was a little girl.
 Peyton and Britnee playing with the coloring book from Aunt Tara.
 Bentley and Grandpa Rusty
 Getting ready for the Annual Easter Scavenger Hunt
 Bentley's thrilled:)
 Searching for the first goody bag

 Reading and moving on!
 Peyton has a personal porter taking her from clue to clue.
 Cody sending us to our next clue.
 Bentley wasn't so sure about it.
 Clue two was hidden well.

 Off to the next location.
 All the clues were hidden really well to make it more appropriate for the majority of the participants.
 Peyton had fun:)
 We made a oreo crumble cake and Peyton enjoyed the crumbles........
 A little too much:)
 Bentley wasn't sure about so many people around.
 But he finally warmed up to grandpa Rusty.
And Peyton's favorite part was while we were there, they set up the trampoline and she LOVED it.  We couldn't get her off it.