Monday, November 15, 2010

36 weeks!

My due date is December 9th, 2010, but I don't plan to go that long. I haven't made it to my due date with either of my other pregnancies so I don't figure this one will be different. But we'll see because babies tend to have a mind and schedule of their own. Chris was nice enough to take some pictures for me because I have really slacked at getting any pictures this pregnancy.
My bump may not seem huge, but I feel huge. I measure right where I am supposed to so I have to thank Heavenly Father for giving me a long torso for my babies to have lots of room, concidering;) I have been very blessed in my previous pregnancies and deliveries and hope all goes as well with bring our beautiful baby boy into this world.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family Pictures!

There really isn't any reason to take family pictures as of right now, with our family adding one more in about 4 weeks and all. But we were in Idaho for a Ben's brother's baby blessing this past weekend(11.7.10) and it's rare to get everyone together so we thought it'd be a good idea to try to get some pictures. Nothing amazing, but memories and reminders just the same. Our little family, including the bump that will soon be our new addition:)
The handsome boys! Ben and Chris together for a picture. Chris loves being a big brother and he is so smart. He is excelling in all his classes and catches on so quick.
Daddy/Daughter! Peyton and her daddy, and if you read closely, he answers to her;) But what daddy doesn't answer to his little princess!
Mom and the kids! We tried a few different ways to take this one, but Peyton wanted to be by Chris so there's not much chance of seeing baby!
Peyton and Mom! She is such a character:) She is always coming up with new faces and expressions, mixed with head tilts and eyelash flutters that she just makes you laugh.
Chris and Peyton both are going to be great older siblings to this new baby. Chris believes that this is what we are giving him for Christmas because he really wanted a brother and he'll be here just before Christmas. Peyton watched baby Isabelle at the baby blessing and was so good to keep her distance and be soft when she was allowed to get close. She so badly wanted to put the binky in the baby's mouth, even though Isabelle didn't need it. I am truely blessed to have two wonderful, healthy kids and one more on the way. I love my husband, my kids, my life, and my life:)