Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 23rd-May 29th!

(23rd) Last full week in this house! It is so bitter/sweet. I was doing dishes and Chris wasnted to help me. Well, Peyton does what Chris does so she wanted to help too. And Bentley just likes to be included so he joined us as well:)
(24th) Ben had a b-b-que for ym so it left just the kids and I to eat at home. Peyton LOVES grapes....and now so does Bentley. We have a little netted passy that lets the juice out when they bite, but not the chunks. Ben thought to try it for Bentley and he loved it.

(25th) While I was picking some of our stuff in the front room, Peyton found my beanie and put it on. Then went to chill in the swing, basking in the sun light:D Such a character!

(26th) Thursday was Chris's last day in Delta! He had a half day of school then we took him to his dad to start his summer. He has sure loved his bus driver, Lori. So before he got off the bus, he gave her a card saying how much we'd miss her and a big hug! She said she had a suprise for him, but it wasn't finished so she'd mail it to him. Such a good lady.

(27th) Bentley had his 6 months check up:) He is still growing like a weed. He is 19 lbs 12 oz (86%) and is 28 inches tall (93%). He is rolling over, grabbing stuff, and sometimes will go up on his knees like he is thinking about crawling. He's getting so big, so fast that we are all just trying to keep up.

I also go the chance to go have lunch with my good friend, Jaime. I am sure going to miss her and so many of my friend from here in Delta. It was so good to catch up with her one last time before I move.

(28th) Ben's brother, Kyle, came up for the weekend to help us finish packing and load the U-haul. Peyton loves her uncle Kyle and needs no warm up time.

(29th) Pretty much the whole house is packed, except the stuff we'll need until the morning that we move. Beds, clothes, certain foods, bathroom stuff! Crazy how boxes that fill a half of a room can fill a whole house and make it a home!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 16th-May 22nd!

(16th) I was making dinner and I can hear Peyton, not see her, hear her say "stuck"! I walk around the bar. And low and behold, she'd gotten herself into the entertainment center and couldn't figure out how to get out:)

(17th) I was making dinner on the stove when Chris and Peyton wanted to keep me company! Peyton wasn't so sure if she trusted Chris, but she wanted up.

(18th) I've been packing room by room, day by day, and here is where Bentley has spent alot of his time, and enjoying the heck out of it!

(19th) Peyton is the funniest eater! She likes to dip her cheetos in ketchup, smear it on her bun, and then eating all three!

This past week has been rough with my foot. Ever since I stepped on the toothpick in February, I've had a callous on my foot. Well, it really started hurting. I went to the dr this morning to have it checked out. Yeah, she had to lance it, gave me antibiotics, and give me tetnis shot. It hurt like heck! But low and behold, Saturday, the 21st, the little piece of toothpick came out. Now I'm on the mend and things are feeling much better:)

(20th) We cooked hamburgers on the grill Friday evening and enjoyed the sun that finally peaked past the rain clouds. Well, we enjoyed the sun, but Bentley didn't know how to handle the brightness of it:)

(21st) While the weather was nice, we decided it was a good day to pack up and clean out the garage for the move. We packed quite strategically and did quite well to fit in the trailer all that we needed to.

(22nd) We relaxed and caught up on sleep! My kids sure love each other. But apparently don't know how to look at the camera AND smile!

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's official!

We're moving! We have loved living in Delta, but it's just too far from family! Ben and I have lived here for 3 years, 2/3rds of our marriage. And Peyton and Bentley were both born here. There are so many friends that we will miss, but we are moving on to the next chapter in our lives and are very excited about the possibilities!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 9th-May 15th!

(9th) The Delta Cheerleaders do a fund raiser each year that they have a photographer from up north come down and do family pictures. You donate to the cheerleaders and get an 11 X 14 for free. Then you can buy different packages if you'd like to from the photographer. Well, Monday was our appointment and we'll get the picture back around the 20th so..... May 9th's picture to come:)

(10th) Here is our first attempt at french braiding Peyotn's hair. The back of her hair is getting pretty long, but the front isn't growing as fast. Needless to say, these braids didn't stay in for very long, but they sure were cute while they lasted!

When Chris was a toddler, he would suck on fleece blankets! And occationally, I still catch him sucking on the sleeve of his shirt or something. Well, Bentley is just like him in that he likes to suck on material. Here is the seahorse getting his wrath!

(11th) We got some funnel cake batter from a neighbor for one of her fund raiser. Well, we decided to break them out and try them! They tasted really good, but I wasn't very good at cooking them. Ben made a few after I was done attempting them and they turned out pretty good! His actually looked like cakes;)

(12th) Ben's cousin, Kelby, was headed down to Cali to work for the summer and decided to stop for a couple days and visit us! Chris was so excited because he loves Kelby! Well, Kelby was taking his Kinect with him so we convinced him to let us play for a little while. Chris had so much fun with the games! He was so bummed when he had to got to bed!

(13th) Peyton is quite the shy little girl. Kelby had tried VERY HARD while we were up in Idaho for Easter to get Peyton to like him, even tried to bribe her with oreo's:) She just didn't warm up to him. Well, that all changed when he came to her turf! She LOVED him! We got her some Skittles and I'd give her 2 or 3 at a time and she'd share one with Kelby (Belby), then one with daddy, then another one with Kelby. She was so funny with him!

(14th) After joining us to take Chris to his dad for the weekend, having dinner in Provo with my cousin Kiley, and working on Chris's little ATV to get it working, Kelby finally had to get back on the road to Corona. Peyton stood on the drive way and blew him kisses as he drove away! So cute!

(15th) We picked Chris up at Lagoon and then went to Springville and had dinner at Ruth & Terry's, a couple that Ben was good friends with on his mission that had moved out this way. We are going to miss not living as close to them. They love our kids and are great company! This is Peyton and Chris watching Transformers 2 on the way home. Chris is working on loosing his 7th tooth so his wiggles it all the time!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 2nd-May 8th!

(2nd)Chris has an interesting way of entertaining himself! He has used the regular swing as a step stool to get into Peyton's baby swing!
(3rd)Here are my kids in the evening. We usually read bed time stories with Chris as part of his reading for school and it's a good wind down for my other kids too!

(4th)Peyton has climbed on Bentley and is helping him swing:) It was so funny. He was giggling right out loud, but as soon as I got up to get my camera, Peyton stopped what she was doing and then Bentley wouldn't laugh again! Typical!

(5th)Bentley is getting into stuff already! He's figured out that his hands work and he grabs everything within his reach now. I did have the lid set on the jar of peanut butter, but as you can see, he knocked that right off.

(6th)Chris and I are playing catch and enjoying the warm weather. Peyton is picking dandy lions and just enjoying the heck out of being outside.

And Bentley is laying in the shade watching us play ball!

(7th)Our neighbor, Howard, flooded irrigated our feild Saturday morning so also flooded our front lawn too:) My kids sure loved when they do this because it's a free pool for a little while! This was the first time Peyton got to play and she was in hog-heaven!

It was cold water, but that didn't seem to slow my kiddo's down at all! It was 10:30 am and 80 degrees or so already and they played for dang near an hour!

Ben and I were working in the garden. Ben was tilling and I was raking the weeds that got tilled and putting them in the wheel barrel to be hauled away. Bentley slept through the whole thing!

(8th)Happy Mother's Day! I am so blessed to be the mom of such great kids! Chris helped me get ready for church that morning because he wanted to be sure to be on time because he sang a song with the primary and didn't want to be late. Peyton gave me the biggest hugs as I laid her down for her nap. And Bentley only spit up on my church dress once! I love being a mom and I'm so bless to have it as my full-time job!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 25th-May 1st!

(25th)Bentley is becoming such a big boy! He's sitting up with a little help, wearing 6-9 months 5 months! His healthy and big and love every roll and dimple!
(26th)Peyton loves her books! She is getting so big too! She also really likes to put thing in the trunk of her trike. Today's baggage is......cereal!

(27th)I went Visiting Teaching today and this was the treat I took my ladies! Cherrio treats made into nest with malted milk ball eggs!

(28th)A lady in my ward here in Delta home-made Bentley a "wooby", I guess is what they're called. Anyway, he loves it. It's an elephant and her sucks on the nose and cuddles the blanket part to his face.

(29th)Ben's feet tend to peel when the seasons change. Peyton loves to peel the skin off for him. Make a perfect team:)

(30th)Chris get's "Bob bucks" from school if he reads 20 minutes a night for 20 nights a month. Different businesses sponser it each month. Well, it was Hogi Yogi in April and we had to redeem it before the month was up so we went to town and Peyton wanted to wear her hand picked outfit! She got so many compliments:) I had to share her cuteness with anyone who reads my blog!

(1st)My pretty girl after church! She loves church! Chris has to take her to nursery for me because she gets shy when she gets around all those kids and clings to me. As soon as she's left, she's just fine:) It's been a good week:)