Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 17th-23rd!

(18th) My daughter has become absolutely addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Needless to say, she'll sit still for me to do her hair alot better if I'll let her watch cartoons. It took 2 full episodes of MMCH to get this done, but she looked so cute afterwards:) And she kept it in for a week too. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! The braids weren't falling out, so I left them in until they needed to come out!
(19th) While we were at Hailie and Derek's house, they made homemade french fries and I had wanted more ever since we were at their house. Well, I finally made the effort to make my own at home:) They were delicious and just as good as I had hoped!

(20th) My little mohawk Bentley boy;) He looked so cute with the mohawk, I had to share!

(21st) We brought Bentley's carseat in from the car the other day and Peyton thought it was fun to play in......that was until she got herself buckled in and couldn't get out! It was too funny!

(22nd) Chris had his last soccer game on Saturday! They did such a good job and tried really hard. They ended up losing 4-5. Chris made 2 of the goals and was very proud of himself.

He is turning into a pretty good little soccer player and he hope to be able to practice all summer and be really good my next season!

That afternoon, we went over to Grannie Annie's house and made carmel apples. She had apples form her tree and I had some from ours.

Ann made up a batch of carmel-popcorn carmel and we dipped away. What we didn't know was that it's not the right carmel for carmel apples!

But give us a break, it was our first time trying it. We'll know better for next time. But as for the taste, oh my goodness, they were yummy:)

And for dinner, we cooked up some hot dogs on the fire and had a good time eating hot dogs and carmeled apples:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct 10th-16th!

(10th) My kids "helping" me do the dishes! It was quite the circus act to work around all the "helpers" but wouldn't trade my kids for anything:)
(11th) Chris wanted to listen to music on his Ipod and obviously, so did Peyton. It was too cute of a picture to pass up!

(13th) Ben has been driving a 10-wheeler for his boss this harvest season, just to help out. Well, he offered to have Chris come and ride with him. Chris had so much fun. He felt so big getting to stay up until 8:30 on a school night and just hang out with Ben. He talked Ben's ear off the entire time, which shouldn't suprise any of you who know him:P

(14th) Beautiful Baby Paxon got to come and visit Murtaugh for a few days and we got to see him. He is such a gorgeous baby! And very mellow!

Peyton was so excited to see her new cousin, but she really missed seeing Paxon's dad, "Bob"(Rob).

(15th) After we got to see Paxon, we headed for Rexburg to spend a weekend with Hailie and Derek. They had fun plans for us so off to Fat Cats we went. We got to bowl.

Eat pizza and cosmo mini-golfing! It was so fun!

Peyton was more interested in the blow-up pumpkin then the picture, but what else is new:)

(16th) Hailie and Derek were such good hosts. My kids sure love spending time with them. And when she's calm, Chewy too! Hailie took some picture with Bentley, Peyton, and Chewy, but they'll have to be a later posts because I haven't gotten them from her yet.

After we got home from Rexburg Sunday afternoon, we had lunch with everyone at Ann & Dayns house for Michelle's birthday. Ben got the "hard job" of watching Paxon while everyone ate!

Sleepings all the same to a baby, so he didn't mind napping the whole afternoon on Uncle Ben's lap!

Then Michelle and Paxon had to head home to Rexburg. While we packed everything out to the car, my cute kiddo's didn't mind helping with Paxon! Peyton was trying to help keep his binki in and Bentley just wanted to know what all the fuss was about!

Then it was home sweet home. Where we had the dog house we'd ordered waiting for us to put it together! Our dogs sure have liked having somewhere to get out of the wind and rain into!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct 3rd-9th!

(4th) Cleaning time! But this time when I went in, they informed me that my 3 wisdom teeth were needing to come out:( I wasn't too thrilled, but at the same time, don't want to have to deal with the repercutions if I don't have them removed. So the appointment is set for November 3rd. Got to be healed up for Thanksgiving:D On a brighter note, no cavities:)
That evening, Ben cooked hamburgers on the the rain!!! And Peyton had so much fun wearing the hand-me-down rain coat from cousin Wyatt!

Bentley got a cupcake, but to help minimize the mess, he took himself outside to eat it. He loved the cupcake and didn't mind at all being outside.

(5th) We have been infested with FLIES!!!!!!!! So our solution is to get the vacuum out, swat the flies, and hurry and vacuum them, just in case they're only stunned! Peyton liked helping me. Guess she got over her fear of the noise!

(6th) The cold has arrived! It wasn't quite cold enough for snow, except on the mountains, but it sure cooled down quick. So we all broke out the hot chocolate and Peyton was a big fan. She had me or Chris fill her cup at least 5 or 6 times that day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

September 26th-October 2nd!

(27th) I have been progressively getting worse at remembering to take pictures. I have most recently had my phone handy most of the time though. Thank heavens for technology or I wouldn't have only one picture on this post! Chris is not in scouts! And he loves it. He's technically been in it since June, but he was at his dad's house for the summer so has just started going since school started. This was his first pack meeting. He is having so much fun with scouts.
(28th) Kenny and Kristie had a breakfast for dinner get together for Isabelle's birthday and we were invited. It was delicious and so fun to sit and visit. Isabelle's getting so big and she had a fun time with her presents.

(29th) Peyton always watches out the window in the morning for "da bus" for Chris while he brushes his teeth and does his hair and gets his shoes on. This particular day, she wore his backpack while she watched. As she waves bye bye bus and bye bye Debbie, she always turns to me and says "Me too mom, I wide da bus." It makes me so sad to tell her she has to wait until she's bigger.

That evening, Ann and I were asked to take a meal to a lady in our ward who had just had surgery. Ann had gone to Montana that morning with Dayn so before she left, she brought her part of the meal to me and I was to deliver it. I ended up waiting for a few minutes on their porch so my little delivery help made herself comfortable. She felt so big getting to help me.

(1st) The BSU Broncos had another game on Satruday so Ben, me, Bentley, Peyton, and Kelby got to go to it:) And again, I forgot my camera, but it was a great time and they won again. Go Broncos!

(2nd) Sunday was an eventful day. First, Ben came home from work feeling pretty yucky, by mid afternoon, he was drained of energy from up and down and trips to the bathroom. Our solution: put him close to the "comute" isn't so far when he has to get up. This is where he pretty much lived for the next 24 hours.

While I was watching the kids that afternoon, I was laying on the couch and Bentley was scaling along the back of the couch on my side. He grabbed a remote off the top of the couch then lost his balance and fell. My face broke his fall and his fall broke my lip!

We also got the great news that Michelle and Rob had their baby! Paxon Scott Linger:) He is so adorable! They had a couple scares, but the Lord blessed us in many ways and they are all doing well now.