Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 15th-31st!

Fly's were finding their way into our house somehow and we couldn't figure out where.  Until the day I decided it was time to take out the AC!  They were filing in one by one through our bedroom window!
Chris was so excited to do "movie night" with his brother and sister.  Until he realized they don't actually watch the movie!  But they all had fun in mom and dad's room!
Grannie Annie gave my kids these super cute Halloween count down for them to get a little something each day for 13 days before Halloween!  My kids LOVED them!  The begged every day to open the next one.
FHE: Decorate Halloween cookies!
I helped Bentley frost, but he handled the sprinkles.
Peyton did her own frosting, and needless to say, more got on her shirt and pants then the cookie, but it was fun to watch her figure it out for herself.
Chris had a ton of fun!  He even gave his stitches.
This is how Charly spends her evenings.  Chillin on the couch, watching sports with daddy.
 The elementary put on a little Halloween dance.  Chris was the white ninja off GI Joe.
 Grannie Annie and Uncle Kyle came to watch:)
 Peyton had begged me all day to put on her costume.  Then once it was on, she didn't want the wings.
 Bentley and his monkey self, tried to eat that darn banana many times.
 She has this face when she's trying to smile for me! Real sincere as you can tell.
 They were so cure and loved showing off their costumes.
 All four of my adorable kiddos and boy does this picture just pin point their personalities!
We had a ball at the Halloween carnival and trunk-or-treating.  My kids are such a fun age!