Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small update!

The Christmas season is upon us and with as much as we've had going on lately, it's been going by way to fast. I'm trying really hard to remember to make the season fun and memorable for my kids. As part of that, we got the tree out while Grannie Annie was here helping with Bentley so we could share the joy with as many people as possible. I had to rehang the ornaments out of Peyton's reach later that night, but she had fun feeling like a big girl. And Chris is still getting the hand of spreading them out so it looks decorated all over, not just in one spot. That's probably my OCD tendencies coming out, but I wouldn't be me without them so we cope:) Takeing family pictures is getting more and more difficult with the more eye's that we need to be on the camera, but we do our best.
My 3 kids:) Wow, sounds crazy, but there they are and what a cute bunch they are.
And here is Bentley's first bath. He wasn't even to mad about it. With the wash cloth keeping him warm, he actually seemed to enjoy it.....until we had to wash him and get him out. But he'll get used to it and we'll get better at it again(amazing how much slips from your memory from kid to kid that you have to relearn).
As you can see, we're doing good. I love my life and my family and all the blessing the Lord has given me. This holiday season has been a good one so far and I can't wait to see how the rest pans out:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bentley Austin Roseborough

I'll start with an adorable picture of what our little guy looks like now and then tell the story of how he's battled to be where he is now.

Our little guy is finally here. It's been a long time coming.....and stressful for a while afterwards, but all is good now. Friday after Thanksgiving, Bentley joined our little family. He was born at 6:51 pm 7 lbs 8 oz 22 inches long. He did great for about the first hour. When they took him to giving him a bath and shots and take his vitals is when things started getting worse.

He was having a hard time breathing. So they put him in an oxygen tent and kept in close contact with a doctor from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center throughout the night on his condition. He wasn't getting worse and was stable, but Delta's hospital had done all they could for him and if he needed anything more done for him, he would have to be transported. So we decided it would be best to transport him before he needed it, just in case. So they discharged me and by 6:30 am we were on our way to Provo to the NICU at Utah Valley. We got there and he was doing alright for about 6-7 hours. Then he started struggling for breath again. So they put him on the CPAP mechine. It blows air down his throat to expand his lungs for him so all he has to do is breath, not raise his chest.
After being on the CPAP, then off, then on again, they left it on for 24 hours to give him a chance to strengthen his lungs so once he went off it again, he didn't have to go back on. By this point, his bilirubin started to raise a little. So since he was having to lay there anyways, they thought that'd get a head start on that too.
By Monday, he was off the CPAP and doing fine. They had put a feeding tube in his nose and had been feeding him my pumped milk. Once he was off the CPAP, I started feeding him and he caught on in a few feedings and was soon off the feeding tube too. Once he was eating well off me, he didn't need any IV's either so he went off those as well.
Wednesday we waited all day to see if he was going to be just fine to go home. He had been taken off the IV's Tuesday night and they wanted him off for 24 hours before they released him to make sure he wasn't going to take a turn for the worse. Our little man pulled through like a champ and we got to bring him home that night. 5 days old and he finally got to come home and relax.
It was so nice to have him home and to be able to relax and just enjoy being a mom. My mom and I had stayed in Provo with Bentley while my mother-in-law brought my family home to keep life going here. It was heaven to come home to my two kids, who were so excited to be a big brother and a big sister to their little brother, finally! I am truely blessed to have the amazing family that I have.

Monday, November 15, 2010

36 weeks!

My due date is December 9th, 2010, but I don't plan to go that long. I haven't made it to my due date with either of my other pregnancies so I don't figure this one will be different. But we'll see because babies tend to have a mind and schedule of their own. Chris was nice enough to take some pictures for me because I have really slacked at getting any pictures this pregnancy.
My bump may not seem huge, but I feel huge. I measure right where I am supposed to so I have to thank Heavenly Father for giving me a long torso for my babies to have lots of room, concidering;) I have been very blessed in my previous pregnancies and deliveries and hope all goes as well with bring our beautiful baby boy into this world.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family Pictures!

There really isn't any reason to take family pictures as of right now, with our family adding one more in about 4 weeks and all. But we were in Idaho for a Ben's brother's baby blessing this past weekend(11.7.10) and it's rare to get everyone together so we thought it'd be a good idea to try to get some pictures. Nothing amazing, but memories and reminders just the same. Our little family, including the bump that will soon be our new addition:)
The handsome boys! Ben and Chris together for a picture. Chris loves being a big brother and he is so smart. He is excelling in all his classes and catches on so quick.
Daddy/Daughter! Peyton and her daddy, and if you read closely, he answers to her;) But what daddy doesn't answer to his little princess!
Mom and the kids! We tried a few different ways to take this one, but Peyton wanted to be by Chris so there's not much chance of seeing baby!
Peyton and Mom! She is such a character:) She is always coming up with new faces and expressions, mixed with head tilts and eyelash flutters that she just makes you laugh.
Chris and Peyton both are going to be great older siblings to this new baby. Chris believes that this is what we are giving him for Christmas because he really wanted a brother and he'll be here just before Christmas. Peyton watched baby Isabelle at the baby blessing and was so good to keep her distance and be soft when she was allowed to get close. She so badly wanted to put the binky in the baby's mouth, even though Isabelle didn't need it. I am truely blessed to have two wonderful, healthy kids and one more on the way. I love my husband, my kids, my life, and my life:)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My little boy was playing in the front yard with his razor scooter a couple weeks ago and was trying to do a "sick trick" off the front steps and the middle of his scooter caught and and he kept going. This is where his face met the pavement and made him look like the above picture.

The next morning it looked quite a bit worse, but that's just because of the coloring. We neosporined it and it's all but gone now, but we are having to do retakes because the crash came on a Tuesday and that Friday was supposed to be school pictures. As fun as the memories would have been to have his 2nd grade pictures with that across his face, we'll try again at retakes:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

We got the chance to take our kids to the circus on September 24th. We had so much fun! Here is Grandma Sony, Cody, and Chris.
This was the family picture we got during intermission. You can't tell by the looks on our faces, but we're having a good time:)

And again with the faces. Grannie Annie and Grandpa Dayn were able to come down and meet us to enjoy the circus!

The stage just as everythings getting started! Classic 3 ring circus floor.

The lions were fun to watch. How that guy turns his back on any of them while he works with one is beyond me.

Chris's favorite part of the circus was the motorcycles in the iron cage. There were 7 in there at one point in time!

Always a favorite, the elephants! They were so fun to watch. Amazing how animals so big can be trained to do the tricks they do.
Tight rope walking was fun to watch, it was even funner when they made it steep like this picture and the guys shoes were slipping. He handled it amazingly. We had a great weekend and it was so fun to have everyone together to spend some much needed family time together.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bassett Family Reuntion!

We had a little reunion this summer with as many of the family as could be there. We had some fun activities to do and did it all in the fun neighborhood of Bear Lake. First day we visited the Paris ice caves and spring. You have to love when you click a picture like this first one. Peyton liked the ice caves.
This is (L toR) Grandma Sony, Bret, Chris, Britnee, Peyton, Cody, Brooklyn, and Jaycee. There wasn't as much snow in there as there usually is, but it was still fun for the kids.

(L to R) Brooklyn, Jaycee, Zack, Cody, Jacob, Chris, Britnee, and Peyton at the ice caves.
Michelle, Bart, and Brooklyn sporting their sunglasses. They are all their own characters and this picture shows you that:)
This picture is the best I could get of my two kids together. Peyton didn't want to be contained and Chris was doing the best a 7 year old could do to hang on to her for the picture.
This was Grandma Sony carrying Peyton to the spring for pregnant ol mom. I was only about 22 weeks along, but a 15 month old still gets hard to carry when you're already carrying one.
The spring was super cold, but Peyton liked to dip her toes, not her feet, mind you, in the water. Grandma was so patient to hold her as she'd dip her legs down and sucked them right back up.
Grandma wanted a picture with her and most of her grandkids(minus KaDee, Erik, and Wyatt). It ended up being quite a feet not knocking other kids in the water while she tried to contain the two toddlers on her lap and get everyone looking for a picture, but it turned out cute:) And it's the memories that count!
My little Peyter Bug LOVES water, whether it be ice, cold spring water, swimming pool, dirty resevour, blue lake, bath tub, puddles on the sidewalk, so on and so forth, she LOVES water. She's watched the dogs enough to know how this works and she was thirsty, so we got a drink:)
The time with family is priceless! We had a good time and wished everyone could have been there, but with the family growing all the time, it's getting harder and harder to get everyone together so we have to make do with what we have, when we have it. I am truely blessed to be a member of the family I belong to. I love them all:)

(:Lagoon 2010:)

We get Lagoon season passes every year because that is where we meet to switch Chris and it's fun to just spend a little time riding rides between driving. Well, we also like to meet family there on weekends and get to spend some time enjoying Lagoon with everyone. Well, when family gets to come, Chris gets to ride the big rides because this year, I can't ride them with him because almost every ride says no pregnant women! And Ben doesn't care for riding the big rides. So Chris got to ride around on the big rides with the Uncles.
Peyton likes Lagoon simply because she gets so much attention for being so dang cute! She's playing peek-a-boo with Grandma Sony while dad rides a ride with Chris.
Here's Chris riding the big bumper cars with Uncle Derek just before we had to leave. We sure enjoy spending time with family, even if it is only for the day.....on a hot day.....that it also rains.....couldn't make up it's mind.....but we have so much fun!

Weekend in Murtaugh!

Ben and I got a chance to go up to Murtaugh to visit Ben's family this summer. Kristie and her girls go to a play date every so often and they happen to have one while we were there so Peyton and I went to visit and play too. Here is her and Jocelynn playing on the swings.
We happen to plan our trip when the Merrill family reunion was planned so we got to visit even more family. Peyton loved the park that we were at.

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Rob brought a football to throw around and Peyton enjoyed the heck out of it.
As if the look on her face here doesn't tell you how much she enjoyed playing with the football!
After playing and playing, she was plum tuckered out and couldn't go any longer so she finally dozed off around 5 that afternoon. Chris happened to be at his dad's that weekend so missed out, but he'll get to go with us the next time, we hope.

24th of July!

With as crazy as the summer was, the weekend of the 24th of July was the first weekend that Chris actually got to come home to Delta. So we tried to keep the weekend pack and fun. To kick it off, there was a little parade in Hinkley that our neighbors invited Chris to be in with them so Peyton, Ben, and I went to watch.
Peyton loves to be outside so she enjoyed the heck out of the church lawn while we waited for the parade to begin.

She enjoyed playing with her daddy too! It looks like she's sleepy, but this only lasted long enough for me to click the picture, then she was gone again:)
Peyton has learned so many more faces that it is so funny to watch her now. And she loves her daddy!

Here is Chris and Bryor riding Bryor's pony in the parade. Chris loved being the cowboy for the day. He loved the weekend and had a ton of fun playing with Bryor and enjoying the festivities of the 24th of July!

Random Events of the Summer!

Chris got a fun 3-D chalk kit for his birthday and he and Britnee got to play with it out on our drive way. This was one of the stincels that when you put the glasses on makes the kids look like great artists.
We have a little blow up pool that we full up for the kids to cool down in during the hot days of Delta summers. Peyton loves when Chris comes home and she has someone to play with:)
Britnee got to come and stay for a week and Chris and Peyton both loved having even one more person to keep them busy;)

I had to wait 15 month for her hair to get long enough to do something with it. It's not long enough on top to do anything with yet, but her pig tails in the back are sure cute:)