Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mid-summer b-b-q!

Summer is so fun! We are enjoying all that comes with it. Playing in the pool in the yard, swimming at the local swim pool, snow cones, and barbequeing! Ben and I finally got our barbeque back from my parents house. It's been a while since we've been anywhere we could have it. Now that we are, we're enjoying it. Here is Peyton and I watching Ben cook steaks on the grill Monday(7.20.09) night.
He did such a good job. It was the best steak I can remember having. Cooked in our own back yard. And he said he didn't know how to grill. Next step, getting grilling utensils, regular forks lead to your hands being aweful close to the flames.

While we hung out, we let our puppies, Harley and Lexus, out to play too. Lexus is just under Chris's right arm and Harley is next to Chris's left foot. He was throwing the ball for them to play catch.

And alas, the final product! Baked potatoes and steak. Can't beat that. And thanks to Bret and Heidi, we now have a table big enough, we set Peyton's bouncer up on it, and we can eat and she doesn't feel left out. I love my family and am blessed beyond measure. I couldn't ask for more!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Summer!

It's been a crazy summer so far. We've been busy. And that busyness has made me slack alot in my blog posts. So this post will be a bunch of random pictures of the events of our summer so far. Enjoy!

June 20th: We met Ben's family at Lagoon. Ben and I's family are there twice every other weekend so we got us all season passes and that's also half way between us and the rest of his family. So we got together. This is Puff, the magic dragon. It was the only ride Peyton rode on all day, but she was quiet through the whole thing. She couldn't say whether she liked it or not, but I'll take her silence as a yes! My sister-in-law, Kristie, and her 10 month old, Keirstley, are in the 3rd seat back and Jaycee, Peyton and I are right behind her.

If the picture had clicked 2 seconds sooner, I would have captured the three of them sticking their tounges out, but two out of three isn't bad. It was raining pretty good that day that day at Lagoon so this was what we did to pass the time during one of the bigger down pours, spent time in the arcade!

June 23rd: Well, now that we're living in Delta, it gets pretty hot in the summer. So we got a little wading pool so cool off. Well, when it is 100 degree's outside and the pool sits in it all day, the water gets pretty warm so around 6 pm, we went out to enjoy! Peyton loved it so we actually bought water diapers after this. Wow! how those regular diapers puff up in water.

June 24th: As a previous post mentioned, Chris is doing t-ball this summer. He is getting pretty good too. He's hit it all the way to the grass a few times. This is him slidding into home plate(even though there are no outs in t-ball). He has had a blast and tomorrow(7.15.09) is his last game. It's good practice for when he gets older and plays.

June 25th: This was a Thrusday that I needed to get Chris to his dad's for the weekend and I'd had Jaycee and she needed to get back to her house for a while. So we made plans and met Tara in South Jordan and went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. As you can tell from the picture, Peyton had been good long enough and wanted to eat so we didn't get a picture in front of the temple, but we did get this one. We also got to see Aaron and Tamera while we were there. It was beautiful! All should go if they get a chance.

July 4th: I took Chris to his dad for the 4th of July weekend, stayed at my mom's house, and picked him back up to come home when he was done. While I was there, I got to help my mom put a float in the parade for my dad's bike shop. Peyton didn't ride in the back for the parade, but she got to enjoy it before we started. Jaycee and Kimber had fun throwing candy and I had a blast squirting the crowd with a squirt gun.

July 4th: Daddy picked out Peyton's outfit 3 or 4 months before she was even born. He asked how old she'd be on the 4th so he could get her the right size. I felt bad that he didn't get to see her in, for she was very cute, but he had to work. She is getting to that fun age where she'll smile all over at you. She's almost to a giggle, but not quite.

July 5th: Peyton's just about old enough to have cereal so we thought we'd try it out. She doesn't mind it. She's still figuring out how to use her tounge to eat the food and not just push it out, but that'll come. And of course, she's great at getting itches on her face while it's covered in food and smears it from hear to toe. But she loves a bath too so she doesn't mind.

July 10th: My sister, Tara, was gracious enough to loan me her bike trailer. Peyton likes it so far. Just before I took this picture, I was pulling Chris and Peyton, and Chris had her sitting in his lap and got a bloody nose. It dripped down him and down Peyton. So we cleaned up, got the bloody nose stopped and went for another ride. Jaycee says it's alot harder to ride with two people back there.

It has been a fun summer so far. Chris is in swim lessons now and after two lessons, says he knows how to swim! He's having so much fun playing outside and inside and enjoying the heat. And his little sister, who loves to have her brother talk to her. She is growing like crazy and amazes me every day with how big she's getting! She is grabbing stuff, smile like crazy, loving life, and making life worth living. Ben is still working like crazy. He started at a little feed lot just today. It only adds 10 minutes onto his work day, but works work! Jaycee is going back to her mom this next weekend and I'm going to have to get used to life without her. She has been so much help. As for me, I'm loving being a mom! Spending a lot of the hot summer days inside with ac, but enjoying being able to spend time with my family, where ever we are! I love this season and the joy my family plays in my life. I am truely blessed!