Tuesday, April 8, 2014

February 2014!

 My cute kids spending time together!  Rare moments when they're actually getting along long enough to get a picture of them.
 February 10th, 2014, Jillian Jade, aka JJ, was born!  She was born at 11:17 am, at 6 lbs 13 oz, 19 inches long.  I sat from 8:00 am to 10:30 am at a 5 so told Ben he could go get something to eat.  He ran to Walmart for a movie then over to Jack in the Box for lunch.  While he was gone, my epidural had left a window the size of my fist on the left side of my belly button.  It started really hurting so they gave me a huge dose of medicine and checked me again.  I'd gone from a 5 to a 10 in a half hour......and Ben wasn't back yet.  I called him and told him to hurry.  He changed his order to to-go and ran.  The doctor changed and came in and a couple minutes later, Ben showed up so we started pushing.  3 pushes the first contraction, 3 the next, and 4 the next and she was here.  She had a bit of meconium when they broke my water, but they got it all out.  She did put up a fight when they wanted her to really take a breath so went on the breathing machine for 15 minutes and then was great.  They tested her blood sugar a few times to make sure it was staying level because sometimes the breathing treatment burns the sugar supply.  She was fine and we got to take her home the next day. 
 Daddy sure loves his girls!  And they all have him wrapped around their tiny little fingers.
 Peyton and JJ!
 Bentley and JJ!
 Charly and JJ!
 And Chris and JJ!
 She is tiny and sweet and so lovable.
 She has Bentley's nose, Peyton's lips, Charly's eyes, and Chris's hair!  Little bit of everyone:)
 The 3 girls:)
 JJ's 2 week Newborn shots.
 She's so beautiful and precious.
Love that our family is complete!

January 2014!

 Happy New Year!  And this year, that meant that my Bentley Austin is now a Sunbeam!  Crazy how time flies!
 Charly is into everything!  She gets into cupboards, whatever room happens to have an open door, bathrooms, ect... But how fun it is to watch her learn and grow.
 And when she's tired, she's out like that!  Floor, high chair, couch, wherever!
 Too cute of a moment to pass up a picture of.  All the kids watching a movie with daddy!
 Poor Bentley took a spill walking out from church and face planted it in the parking lot.  Poor kid looked beat up.
 As soon as the weather warmed up, the kids couldn't just stay in the house anymore!
 So they all went out to visit the calves!
 They loved being out and about and helping me feed the animals!
 How they enjoyed the fresh air!
 I wanted some maternity pictures taken since this is the last time I'll be pregnant.
 My wonderful mother-in-law, Ann, was so gracious to give up an afternoon with her husband to come and take them for me.
 She did a wonderful job and I will cherish them forever!
 Baby JJ joined us 2 1/2 weeks later!
 And it's crazy, but I do miss the little nudges and flutters.
 So glad we were able to capture her preciousness from the inside like we did.
Couldn't ask for a more amazing family!

Friday, March 21, 2014

December 2013!

 Christmas is in the air and that means setting up the Christmas tree.  I always struggle setting up the Christmas tree because I always want it to look just right and having kids help doesn't always work.  But my kids love it so I swallow my pickiness so they can enjoy it too.
 They had alot of fun!  Chris wasn't much into it this year.
 But Bentley and Peyton made up for it!
 Daddy even helped put on the angel on top!
 Charly's hair is finally getting long enough to do fun stuff with!  Love it!
 The kids with Santa at our ward Christmas party.  Yet again, Chris was off somewhere else, but he did get to tell santa what he wanted.
 Grandma Sony sent the kids crayon and color books to help pass the days during Christmas break. They loved it!
 Charly is so random in what she likes to spend her time doing.  Here, she's reading to herself on the stairs!
 One weekend while daddy was at a basketball game and Chris was at his dad's, the kids and I made home-made ornaments!  They had fun!  I had a hard time letting them make a mess, but it was worth it.
 We made all shorts of shapes!
 And Peyton felt so big using the marble roller.
 Charly, we've found, looks extra adorable in hats.  So we like to take random pictures of her in different hats.
 Her monkey one is one of my personal favorites.
 Grannie Annie had us over during Christmas break to decorate sugar cookies with Michelle, Rob, and Paxon!
 Christmas Eve we always give the kids pajamas!
 They were all thrilled about what they got:)
 Kodey's "Santa" gift!
  Chris's "Santa" Gift!
 Bentley's "Santa" Gift!
 Peyton's "Santa" Gift!
 Charly's "Santa" Gift!
 Christmas morning!!!  My mom, Tara, Jaycee, Britnee, and Cody came up and spent a few days!  Here's daddy helping Charly open her presents.
 Peyton and Bentley had fun checking out what the other got.
 It was fun to have cousins to share the holiday with.
 Then the present opening continued at Grannie Annies house!
 Michelle, Hailie, and I all got the same pajamas so we wanted to show them off!
 We got a love sac for Christmas and the kids couldn't be more happy.  They think it's a blast!
 Charly was helping me go through Bentley too-small clothes to pass them on to Paxon and Ryker.
When Aunt Michelle came over for a hair trim, Peyton convinced her to paint her toes and fingers!  She loves being girly:)